Why past attendees love the REW Summit


We talked to attendees of our former Summits and found out what they thought. Here is a quick 90 second video that summarizes the highlights of what they had to say about REW Summits.

Video Transcription

REW Summit Toronto 2018

Come learn

"It's really great to see some of the people who are getting up on stage who are in the field, in the business, and sharing what they're doing. So it's not just a matter of, 'oh no, I'm a broker-owner and I'm going to keep this hidden.' No. 'Here's what I'm doing, here's how I'm doing it, and let's chat afterwards if you want to do that'."

Network with great people

"The networking, which is irreplaceable."

"The networking is the best. You have some of the top real estate agents in North America and real estate brokerages in North America."

"Getting together with talent all across America. Sitting down at a table and learning from people who are in the industry."

Influencer speakers

"Hearing a speaker that has a business that's huge and realizing that they're doing things you can implement in your own business."

"I can't count the number of conversations we've had in the past 48 hours. There's just been lightbulbs going off, either above our heads or fellow agents and brokers heads. It's a collection of talent unlike any I've ever seen before."

Have fun in Toronto

"REW parties are legendary. You will never forget it."

"Everybody knows that the parties are phenomenal."

We'll see you there!

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