Why Upgrade to Renaissance: 12 Days of Christmas Promos

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A Seamless Upgrade

'Tis the season for an upgrade! Welcome to the next installment of our 12 Days of Christmas Promotions, where we unwrap the benefits of upgrading to Renaissance. There's never been a better time of year to upgrade your existing site with us - here's why:

Real Estate Webmasters' 12 Days of Christmas promotions are now live!

Real Estate Webmasters' 12 Days of Christmas promotions are now live!

Lightning Fast Performance

Imagine your existing website loading faster than a couple of mouse clicks. That's the reality with Renaissance's cutting-edge Web Performance Optimization (WPO). In an industry where every second counts, this platform ensures your listings load swiftly and smoothly. Beyond speed, you'll be keeping potential clients engaged and reduce your bounce rates.

We've all been there, waiting for a page to load, growing more frustrated by the second. With a Renaissance upgrade, those days are over. Your clients will love the seamless experience of browsing through listings without any lag. This upgrade could be a quantum leap in improvement for some clients.


  • Experience ultra-fast website loading times, enhancing user engagement.
  • Reduce bounce rates with smooth and quick access to listings.
  • Gain a competitive edge with superior website performance.

A PageSpeed Insights analysis of Real Estate Webmasters' Renaissance platform.

PageSpeed Insights analysis of Real Estate Webmasters' Renaissance platform.

ADA Compliance

Accessibility is much more than a buzz word, it has legitimate implications for the SEO performance of your site. Renaissance takes this seriously, offering built-in ADA compliance right out of the box. This means less worry about custom designs and programming to meet accessibility standards. Your website becomes a welcoming place for all users.

Imagine the peace of mind, of knowing your site is accessible to everyone. This reflects well on your brand but also opens the door to a wider audience. Plus, the ease of making changes on the backend saves you time and resources, allowing you to focus on what you do best - making connections and selling homes.


  • Built-in ADA compliance ensures an inclusive user experience.
  • Avoid the extra costs and efforts of custom accessibility modifications.
  • Enhance brand reputation and reach a broader audience with an accessible website.

A WAVE Accessibility tool analysis of Real Estate Webmasters' Renaissance platform.

WAVE Accessibility tool analysis of Real Estate Webmasters' Renaissance platform.

Stay Secure & Trustworthy

Online security is paramount - making SSL certification a necessity. Renaissance understands this and includes SSL certification as standard. This means your website becomes a great example of trust and security. Clients can browse with confidence, knowing their data is protected.

Think of SSL certification as a digital handshake between your website and your clients, ensuring a secure and private connection. This level of security is crucial for maintaining the integrity of your online presence and building long-lasting relationships. This goes beyond protecting data, it's ultimately about fostering trust in a trust-centric industry.


  • Ensure top-notch security with standard SSL certification.
  • Build and maintain client trust with a secure browsing experience.
  • Protecting sensitive client data and enhancing your website's integrity.

A showcasing of a secure and trustworthy website from Real Estate Webmasters' client, Daniel Gale.

A showcasing of a secure and trustworthy website from Real Estate Webmasters' client, Daniel Gale.

Continuously Evolving

Stagnation is the enemy of progress, especially in the world of real estate. That's why Renaissance is always evolving, with new features and updates rolling out regularly. Whether it's the latest "Deals" module or an updated CRM, these features are designed to help keep you ahead of the curve.

Imagine always having access to the latest tools in Real Estate Webmaster's toolkit without the hefty price tag of custom development. With Renaissance, that's exactly what you get. Every couple of months, new updates roll out, keeping your platform fresh and exciting. You're offering more than bells and whistles - you're providing an unparalleled service to your clients.


  • Stay ahead with regular updates and new feature releases.
  • Access the latest real estate tools without additional custom development costs.
  • Keep your platform fresh and competitive in the ever-evolving real estate market.


REW CRM "Deals" dashboard with all pertinent client information that real estate professionals would need to know.


As Real Estate Webmasters' 12 Days of Christmas promos continue, are you ready to make the jump to Renaissance? With its remarkably quick speed, inclusive design, and secure, evergreen features, it's the upgrade you've been waiting for.

Renaissance Upgrade FAQ

When are the '12 Days of Christmas Promos' running?

The promotions are ongoing and will run until December 23rd.

Is ADA compliance really that important for my website?

Absolutely, ADA compliance is crucial for inclusivity, making your site accessible to a wider audience. Plus, it reflects positively on your brand's commitment to all clients.

Will I need to get SSL certification on top of Renaissance?

No need! Renaissance includes SSL certification as a standard feature, ensuring your website is secure and trustworthy right from the start.

Will upgrading to Renaissance be a complicated process?

Not at all! The transition to Renaissance is designed to be smooth and hassle-free, with support available to guide you every step of the way.

Is there customer support available for Renaissance users?

Absolutely! Renaissance provides dedicated customer support to assist with any questions or issues, ensuring a smooth experience for all users. Speak to your Account Manager about the next steps.

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