Woodbury Junction Ignorance - Orange County, NY


I was talking with some friends the other day regarding a new Gated Community called Woodbury Junction in Orange County, New York and one of them mentioned that they "heard" (And I am only repeating what they "heard" I do not know if it is true or not) - that the sales manager of the Woodbury community was emailing real estate agents who were (well within their rights) reporting about this exciting new community, telling them that they are not allowed to write about the community on their websites because they are showing up on search engines for searches such as:

  • Woodbury Junction
  • Woodbury Junction, Orange County New York
  • Woodbury Junction Community
  • etc

IF this is true (And I am not saying that it is) - the sales person from Woodbury Junction has a LOT to learn about what people can and cannot publish on their websites - To me it sounds like they are just trying to bully real estate agents and monopolize sales opportunities in order to save themselves having to pay commissions (Again this is just what it sounded like from the conversation, I have no first hand knowledge of this conversation, I am merely blogging about what I heard)

But why would a sales agent want to stop buyers agents from generating buyer leads in Woodbury Junction?

So let's pretend for a minute that this was true and this sales agent was trying to monopolize the market for the gated community called Woodbury - Wouldn't this be a bad thing for their customers? I mean without a qualified Orange County buyers agent potential buyers loose the benefit of having a qualified real estate professional on their side negotiating the best possible price, and helping through the transaction process. If I were buying a home in Woodbury Junction I would NEVER go straight to the builder or sales office, I would only even consider it if I were working with a professional buyers agent - (Which is the same as all real estate transactions I might add) - I mean why wouldn't you hire a buyers agent? You have the right to do so, they have your best interests in mind AND you do not have to pay them anything because BUYERS DO NOT PAY COMMISSION! - Of course now I can see why this sales manager "might" want to cut out the buyers agent, (If they were in fact doing this, and this is hypothetical remember) they would be doing so because they do not want to pay the sales commission.

We talk a lot about these kinds of reports and conversations here at REW and I always find it interesting when we here about stories such as this one regarding "Woodbury Junction" I am not sure if this really happened or not, but I'll be damned if anyone can tell me I cannot share my conversations about it with the members of our community here at my blog - I would image IF this were true, then with enough links to this blog post with anchor text "Woodbury Junction" this post would probably piss this sales manager off something fierce - but once again IF this were true - they could stuff it because I can write social commentary on anything I want, and if I happen to rank well for Woodbury Junction, Orange County New York then deal with it! And perhaps next time you will think twice about trying to bully people telling them what they can and cannot write about on their websites.

If you liked my blog post please link to it with the following HTML Woodbury Junction New York

If you are a potential consumer - I don't know if this really happened or not, once again I am just blogging about a conversation I had - however if I were a consumer going to check out this complex I would NEVER do so without the services of a professional buyers agent. I went to the forums and asked around - the name Joshua Ferris came up more than a few times, I went to his website http://www.realestateinthenycsuburbs.com and found his phone number for you, it's 888-218-8468 - The community actually looks quite nice, you should call him if you want to check it out.



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Great story Morgan! I can't imagine why the sales manager for Woodbury Junction would not want Realtors to tell their customers about the development. Buyers should always have representation - no matter how bad the builder's salesperson wishes they didn't! Orange County, NY home buyers should be skeptical of any home builders that discourage buyer representation!

Brian Mc

We were practically run off of a new construction neighborhood in our area when we visited their development's agent luncheon and mentioned we might do a featured neighborhood page on out site. The onsite agent actually told my wife we couldn't take any photos there. This behavior is ridiculous and is obviously driven by greed and not the consumer's best interest. Thanks for bringing this to light.


I had something similar happen to me with pre-construction condo hotel project with an affiliated major chain. The big chain company didn't want me to use their names so I had to change it to general terms.

Spoken Gently

Great article. Makes me want to create blog entries/web pages for our area's new construction developments. :)

Jason Painter

Morgan, That was a fantastic blog. Thanks for standing up for the little guy. We had a similar situation when the market was good here. A local builder sent out an email to all agents in the MLS that they would no longer be doing business with real estate agents... Now that the market has changed they are begging us back! I don't forget easily though.. ;)

David Phillips

Spot on! It takes a real estate PROFESSIONAL to facilitate the transfer of property between Buyer & Seller (or builder in this case). The greed of a few key people will prevent this effective transfer and then nobody wins. How pathetic.

MLS Update

Ha! You showed them! This blog post is now #1 in Google for: - Woodbury Junction Orange County - Woodbury Junction Orange County, New York and #3 (behind Eric Bramlett dot com) for: - Woodbury Junction That will probably get their attention.

Dennis Pease

I agree with everything said here by people posting before me. I would just like to add to this that all home buyers should have a Home Inspection done by an independent home inspector, not just a walk through with the builder. I took a class once put on by a structural engineer in business for 20+ years, and one subject was about New Home Inspections and just how many problems they find. Don't assume city and county building inspectors will catch many problems, they don't. This community sounds like a Certified Home Inspector or Structural Engineer should be a must BEFORE closing. My experience has been that for - 0 more than a home inspector you can hire a structural engineer for a much more thorough inspection. This may not be available in all areas, but you should check into it.

Matthew Pellerin

Thanks for bringing this story to light. Sounds like someone may have over stepped their boundaries at Woodbury Junction in Orange County New York, USA. Good post Morgan! Somebody Digg this one...

Eric Blackwell

Spot on Morgan; Exposure on the web comes from MANY angles. Truth coming to light on the web does as well! (grin) Kudos

Sid Cohen

I was at the Woodbury Junction opening in september and was prepared to make a purchase. It was the worst presentation I have ever witnessed. No actual models, no info on taxes or association fees untill I asked and they weren't sure about those. All and alll not a very professional operation.

Choice Real Estate®

You have some stones Morgan... cracks me up... Way to go. I like the way you think (and act).


Okay I'm a little behind on some of my reading here but WOW, this is a great post and well worth the read. I had no idea this type of behavior was going on. Like Spoken Softly said, really makes me want to go out and profile all the new construction in my town to see what happens. Of course things have changed a LOT in the past year and maybe this kind of behavior isn't as prevalent anymore. Builders need us Realtors worse than ever, is my guess. In any case, thanks Morgan for bringing this story to light about the selfish, anti-consumer behavior of the builders at Woodbury Junction in Orange County New York, USA. P.S. Any anybody Dugg this yet?


After more than fifteen years in real estate, eleven of which were focused on new construction sales, I always find it amazing when people who do not specialize in that aspect of the business write about it in a derogatory way. Since you were actually not there for the actual words that were said, I find it even more interesting to blog about a community implying of what might have or might not have happened.

There are many aspects of new construction that traditional agents have yet to realize about the agent who works on site and or the business of working on site.

This list includes:

Although you may think you are an expert in real estate, which is actually impossible to be based on the 200 year range that houses are built and by a million different builders, an on site sales person specializes in that product, that piece of land, that builder and all of the benefits of that community and the surrounding area.

They work for different types of pay which can include a draw, commission only, salary plus commission and a few other types of pay. None of which is close to the amount of commission per home a traditional agent will make just for walking in the door and having their customers listen to a presentation and possibly walk through model homes for ONE sale.

On site sales people deal only with onsite clientele and only about ONE community, the one they are working on.

There is a process of which the best of us are trained and that it includes from the moment the phone rings until the buyer moves in. It is called the 'Critical Path'. Ever hear of it? Traditional agents don't use that method.

Being on site for work is not just sitting on site and praying people walk through the door and that buyers will just buy. It is an art form, rarely understood by traditional sales people.

The traditional sales person does none of the work involved in a new construction sales deal except to bring the client. The onsite sales person handles registration, the presentation, answering all questions being that they are the expert on the site, binder and contract writing, mailing and delivery, working with buyers through the entire building process and closing. There may be a decorator who will meet with the buyers to choose decorator selections. The traditional agent can NOT do this because they are NOT employed by the builder and it is not in their best interest to open their mouths. Why? Because it can KILL A DEAL.

None of this process includes the 'expertise' of the traditional agent. Yes, some buyers like handholding AND there are more traditional agents who have killed deals than who have helped them along.

As for being particular about where a new construction site is advertised or blogged about?

Being that the on site sales people and managers are well versed in every detail of that community and desire it to be represented in a manner in alignment with the vision of the builder, I completely understand WHY builders/sales managers do NOT want communities advertised. Typically the people adverstising are missing out on very important details. Sloppy writing or leaving out important information makes everyone look bad.

Go to the top builders websites across the country. They are very specific, filled with community information and represent the Builder/Company in a particular way. Once a community is advertised by an uneducated or unknowledgeable agent, it is a detriment to everyone all around costing millions of dollars in sales across the country on a regular basis.

I have actually had agents tell clients that items were included in a sale(fireplace) when they were NOT. Just because it is in a model home does not mean it is included. In addition, model homes showcase many upgrades to give buyers ideas on what is possible when creating their dream home. Traditional agents don't know nor do they ask and in their attempts to look like they know, they look silly later when they are told their information is inaccurate, something the new construction agent has to take care of... all while attempting to STILL CREATE THE DEAL.

After reading through the blog and the comments, not one person caught on to any of these very important details about this aspect of the real estate business. Your comments are exactly why I choose new construction as my preferred method of selling real estate rather than deal with sharks, gossipers or inaccurate agents who speak about subjects they have no clue about.

None of what is written about or the new construction business is about GREED. That is a known aspect of traditional real estate. Considering that traditional agents make more for walking the door of a new construction site... if a deal is created, y'all could be a little grateful that someone is doing ALL OF THE WORK while you get paid for doing almost nothing.

Talking down other sales people in our profession is exactly why real estate agents STILL, TO THIS DAY, carry a bad reputation.

I have seen Woodbury Junction. I have studied their floor plans. I have studied the method for choosing certain design options and even know HOW they chose to create EACH MODEL HOME TO LOOK THE WAY IT DOES, to flow the way it does, etc. I have met one of the sales managers(who happened to be one of the most intelligent agents I've met in my entire career), been on the site, live in the area... etc...

By blogging in a negative fashion, you are not creating more sales.

You are not creating UNITY amongst traditional agents and new construction agents.

You are not creating a repuation to live up to for all real estate agents.

You do not look like an expert on the subject that you are blogging about.

You are not raising up all real estate agents by writing factual information neither are you creating more sales in our business at a time where we could all use more sales.

You are not making yourself look better or more educated no matter what these agents are all saying.

In a time when traditional agents have to justify and grasp at straws to CONVINCE people they are worthy of a 6% commission(yes, I know you only get 1.5% of that)... you have yet to prove that you are worth that by your blog on this website.

I wish all agents a very successful 2010! May this be your most amazing year in the business! Remember that the business is always busy for those who DO THE BUSINESS regularly~

All the Best,

New Construction Companies I've worked for include:
K. Hovnanian
Ginsburg Development Corporation
Sanford Pankin Properties
Hallmark Homes
Beazer Homes
Wilder Balter

Repeated Training by the Best in the Business
Les Newlands of Newlands Sales and Marketing


I just realized that my last comments have to be approved in order to be posted.

My hope is that you will actually post what I wrote to educate people on the other side of the coin and not just have feedback that is one sided.

Just a request.

Good luck and thank you.

Virginia Brodsky

Thank you Cindy for finally setting the record straight. Just to reiterate, the realtor who claimed he was unable to sell Woodbury Junction was in fact told not to return when customers he was bringing to the job site were annoyed at his lack of knowledge and need to make a "referral" fee simply by posting and erroneous website describing Woodbury Junction. The "manager" is in fact a NYS Real Estate Broker for over 20 years. She has always and will continue to support the efforts of hard working real estate agents who are dedicated to this profession.Fortunately the inexperienced and immature agent who posted his "version" of this incident is no longer in the real estate business. What a surprise.

David Phillips

Regardless of what comments were made by other posters, regardless that the agent in question is in business or not, do you really think preventing unaffiliated real estate agents from publicizing a subdivision contributes to the ultimate goal of facilitating transactions between buyer and seller (the alleged incident that this posting is about)? How does the cliché go? "There is no such thing as bad publicity."

Frankly, I would think keeping this thread alive after its debut nearly three years ago won't do much in "setting the record straight."

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