Xoompad IDX using forum spamming to advertise


I tell you if I had a dollar for every time some sleazy company tried to spam our real estate community with their self promotional crap, I would not need to offer any fee for service development, I could just retire.

Who is the newest spammer? Xoompad IDX

They post "Revolutionary IDX Solution" as their tagline, and then go on to talk about how great their product is. First of all, this is spam and is NOT appreciated. In my opinion there is nothing revolutionary about xoom pad they are just copying quality IDX providers like REW. What is the most rediculous part though, is that they were trying to get away with posting their self promotional CRAP on a competitors website.

Our forum rules state no attempts at blatant self promotion - to date we have had to ban 4 Xoompad representatives or their affiliates for spamming our forums with the same messages over and over again clogging up our community.


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Sam Dodd

As far as REW IDX does it include some sort of system where each listing is index as an individual page by the search engines. I think that would be a great idea for an idx company as the benifits would be well worth it in my opnion.

Morgan Carey

My receptionist just called me at home and said Xoompad was threatening legal action if I don't remove this post. Guess what Vipin Singh - phone: 206 390 1809 You can POUND SAND! I have not posted anything in this blog post that is not true. You and your staff ARE spamming forums, perhaps you would like some more proof? (I have screenshots so don't bother deleting them) Agents online drive by spam by Krystle of Xoompad: agentsonline.net/forum/ultimatebb.php/topic/12/451.html One of many craigslist spam posts: phoenix.craigslist.org/rts/258644886.html (I will be notifying Craig of this) Here is another one: realestateforum.com/showthread.php?p=13111 And another: realestatediscuss.com/showthread.php?p=2465 Let me guess you aren't associated with either Krystle or Dan L - hmmmm What you are doing is spamming other peoples quality communities and websites. Ruining the quality of our boards and causing a lot of work for our volunteer and paid moderators alike. STOP SPAMMING FORUMS! If you want to let people know about your product, then purchase some advertising, or PPC, do some natural search engine optimization there are many legitimate ways to promote your products, yet you choose the underhanded tactic of spamming forums good on you! Is it just me or should no one purchase products or services that promote themselves in such an unethical manner?

David Abernathy

Amen - enough already - we don;t need this type of vendor!!! If everyone adopted this type of marketing tactic we would be dealing with the issues we now face with SPAM in our emails. If you have a great product then invest the time and resources to either become a valued contributor to the forums or pay for advertising. There are many competitors to REW that contribute to the Real Estate Webmasters forum that as participants we get to know, gain respect for and frequently utilize their services. Maybe as a business you should spend your $$$ on rethinking your marketing strategy instead of threating lawsuits!

Morgan Carey

Lol this blog is now #2 in Google for "Xoompad" - a couple more links with "Xoompad" in as the anchor text and it would likely overtake them - feel free to donate ;)

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