June 2017

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real estate technology

Technology is constantly evolving, and real estate technology is no exception. As an industry, we're always improving, reinventing and re-considering the systems that help real estate agents and their businesses thrive.

At a recent Clareity conference in Scottsdale, AZ, we talked about a number of issues impacting the real estate market, as well as future changes we foresee happening within the industry sooner than later.

This blog will tell you a bit about 3 of the future tech topics on our radar:

1. MLS Data Will Become Even Better

Many real estate tech enthusiasts are familiar with RETS, which attempts to standardize the way in which real estate data is shared. But an organization called "Real Estate Standards Organization" (RESO) is

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email marketing with CASLLast Updated: June 23, 2017.

We've received a few questions lately about impending Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation changes, and just wanted to take the opportunity to help clear some things up.

Let's start with a disclaimer that this is only one interpretation of CASL and its implications, and you should review the original legislation and seek proper legal counsel if you think CASL may impact your business in any way.

This post is going to focus on email marketing, but remember that CASL applies to any commercial electronic message, which includes emails, texts, instant messaging, social media messages, and so forth.

Back when CASL first went into affect on July 1, 2014, the legislation included a three year transition period to help

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So, you want to be #1 on Google. It's the most common reason people stumble upon SEO, and ultimately look to hire a real estate SEO expert. While there are plenty of high quality experts out there, it can be hard to identify them and there are still some shady folks out there looking to make a fast buck off trusting real estate agents who are none-the-wiser.

Hiring the wrong person can be a costly, if not devastating expense, which is why we want to help you choose the right expert from the get-go. Here are some important qualities you'll find in a real estate SEO expert worth hiring:

5. They Tell You The Hard Truth

real estate seo expertIf you tell an SEO that you want to be #1 and all they say is, "Great, you got it!" it's time to run for the hills. The real estate

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