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Michael Audet

Virtual Realty is Here! Is Your Company Ready?

Michael Audet posted this 1,311 Views

Virtual Reality is here, is your company ready to take advantage? I was just looking through some of the websites of real estate companies I admire, but don’t serve ,since we are in the technology business, and I was amazed at how many great companies have substandard websites.  Most, but not all, are at least responsive now, but beyond that many designs are so dated and the user interface is so cumbersome and they just look old.  Today, the truth is, if your website is m...

Customizing REW Software? Read This First!

Michael Audet posted this 1,105 Views

One of the big reasons I joined Real Estate Webmasters four years, ago after consulting with them for 2 years prior, was due to their ability to take on any custom project, no matter how big.  Over my earlier career working with a number of very good software companies, not being able to customize software to a client’s needs was one of the major challenges I experienced,.   We were always trying to convince any potential customer that our software, our technology, was t...

MLS Espana - exciting changes in the European real estate industry

Michael Audet posted this 1,463 Views

Throughout my career in the real estate industry, I have had the opportunity to do quite a bit of work outside the United States. This work has taken me to Canada, England, Germany, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Norway, Israel, and Brazil. Just having a chance to be in these countries doing business, rather than just being a tourist was great, as you get a totally different perspective on the culture and the people than when you are just sightseeing.   You recognize many differences in...

Investing in technology your agents will actually use

Michael Audet posted this 1,820 Views

Everybody in real estate knows somebody who is a tech whiz, who has used technology to build their business and rise above the competition. They blog, they have high lead conversion, they run great online campaigns and know the ins and outs of online marketing. They love technology! The trouble is, most agents aren't great at technology and, more than that, they don't want to be.  Most agents are people focused. They didn't come into the business because they like sitting a...

How To Take The Pain Out Of Technology Costs

Michael Audet posted this 2,087 Views

Recently, I had I conversation with a technology consultant advising a real estate company. They had significant investments in a custom website and system but there were some additional improvements that were recommended. We were talking about how staying current with technology is critical for their image, recruitment and agent retention and I thought we had a productive conversation about how upgrades like this were a necessity. I assumed he was passing this invaluable knowledge to the...

The Truth About Improving Lead Conversion Rates

Michael Audet posted this 13 14,666 Views

Most real estate agents don’t get it!  That’s probably a socially incorrect statement but facts are facts.  If you look at some very believable statistics, from very reliable sources, we see that sales and success in real estate, like every other business, is a numbers game if you do certain things correctly and consistently.  That said, we all know that only a small percentage of people in the real estate industry make a great living?  Why?  It’s s...

“The Psychology of Success” session at the REW Summit in Austin

Michael Audet posted this 3,417 Views

Whether you succeed or fail often has more to do with how you view an experience than your actual ability.  The world is full of high ability individuals that fail and those with less than impressive abilities that succeed.  Why does this happen? I have always been a student of success.  I am interested in understanding why some people get it and some miss it even though their abilities seem to be very equal.  I was talking with Morgan, who is totally into this as...

What's the True Cost of Technology?

Michael Audet posted this 1 4,976 Views

How Much Should I Pay and Budget For Technology?      Before I get into what technology should actually cost for real estate professionals today I think we need to look at why this is even an issue.  You could argue that the cost is the cost, etc., but I think there is a deeper issue that impacts many real estate professionals when it comes to paying for technology that we need to look at as part of this conversation.   We get to see it all the time since ...