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Timing and Why I Joined Real Estate Webmasters

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I joined REW five months ago and I still get asked quite frequently why I left the WAV Group and joined Real Estate Webmasters.  If I had to simplify my decision down to a word, it would have to be “timing”.   Timing is the critical element for so many things we do, like when you buy a stock, when you sell, when you move, when you introduce a new product,, etc.  For me, when the opportunity arose at Real Estate Webmasters and I looked at the industry and REW and th...

Forget Volume - Focus on Quality

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I 'm really tired of hearing how brokers and agents can't compete with Zillow and Trulia in terms of web ratings and reach.  When I hear this it just reminds me about how much most people in the real estate industry don't understand what the real objective is in advertising on the Internet.  In my opinion, they have made the mistake of competing with these portal giants on terms that really don't mean much to their bottom line, web ratings. Internet Ratings Don't Matter During ...

The Truth About Improving Lead Conversion Rates

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Most real estate agents don’t get it!  That’s probably a socially incorrect statement but facts are facts.  If you look at some very believable statistics, from very reliable sources, we see that sales and success in real estate, like every other business, is a numbers game if you do certain things correctly and consistently.  That said, we all know that only a small percentage of people in the real estate industry make a great living?  Why?  It’s s...

What Is Your Technology Investment For 2015?

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If you ask the average real estate broker or agent what their technology investment is for 2015, they will tell you something like "as little as possible".  While that sounds logical at first, nothing could be further from what you need to do if you want to turn technology from an expense to an investment.  From our viewpoint, your technology should be providing you a return of at least 1000%, or a 1 to 10 multiple, if you are using it correctly.  At first glance that may seem...

Top 5 Broker Technology Mistakes

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1.  Lack of Research      Having consulted in our industry for over 10 years I had the opportunity to see how many different real estate companies approached their technology selections and overall technology strategy.  What I noticed first was that most companies did very little research when selecting technology.   The research I am talking about is research with the people that will actually use the technology they choose, the agents and their customers. &n...

SEO & Marketing Tips From The Pros

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Over the last few weeks, since joining Real Estate Webmasters (REW), I have had the chance to see successful SEO (search engine optimization) in action, as I have had the opportunity to hang out with some truly great real estate professionals as well as the SEO specialists in REW. Comparing a truly optimized SEO process to what most people might do in our business is like looking at the difference between a professional golfer and the weekend golfer. They just don't compare. In this artic...

Results Are In - Do You Agree?

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I ran a very unscientific poll in Facebook recently asking people if the recent Trulia purchase by Zillow would impact whether they syndicate their listings or not.  This is by no means a truly representative sample but is interesting nonetheless.  As part of our ongoing dialogue on this topic let us know where you fall in terms of this question...are you with the majority on this?

Broker/Team Technology Self Audit

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During my talk last week at the REW Summit, I mentioned the importance of doing an audit on your own broker or team technology.  If you are like most people your technology has been put into place over time and often module by module.  As a result, you may now have some core components that are great (like your REW products, of course ) but you may also have some modules that are dated, non-intuitive, expensive, slow, non-integrated, etc.   The paper that follows is a gui...

48% of Buyer Inquiries Aren't Responded To - Read More!

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My former partner Victor Lund did an outstanding study recently that showed what a poor job many agents are doing in responding to buyer leads.  The study, done with the Weichert lead network, looked at lead responsiveness in over 384 brokers across 11 states.  In the study, researchers posing as consumers contacted these brokers about listings on broker websites, Zillow, Realtor.com and Trulia.  The results are stunning and show how much potential their is agents to...