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Recently I gave a talk about internet marketing and SEO for real estate at the Ohio Association of Realtors. 

During my talk, I discussed how companies like Zillow, Redfin, and Realtor (dot) com have convinced the whole real estate world that doing search engine optimization for real estate is impossible. 

Don't even try! (They say). 

Just pay us for the leads because we are the only companies that can rank since we have so much authority in the search engines. You can never win! 

And it's worked! At this point, most brokers, teams, and agents don't even consider SEO since they think it is too hard, too expensive and they feel like they won't get any benefits from their effort.

And they're wrong! In fact, because so many people have given


How to use video instead of photos to train the Lensa AI model

The internet has blown up with photos of people using the Lensa App, and rightly so! It creates incredible, beautiful, and very creative photos using AI technology by referencing existing selfie photos. 

Just check out these amazing AI-generated images of Brad Inman (founder of Inman News) and Meghan Barry (President of Who's Who In Luxury Real Estate) 

Brad Inman AI Photo Meghan Barry AI

Pretty amazing right? These AI Photos are unreal! 

You need to have at least 10 great images (close-up, high res, selfie-style, or cropped) if you want to use the app, and up to 20 if you really want to train the model well and get good results. 

But not everyone has a professional photography team or years of high-resolution photos


As we thought about this year’s Q4 promotions we wanted to make sure that we were aligned with our customers in terms of where their needs might be in relation to the current market. 

What we think our customers might need right now… 

Because of the slowdown in the market our customers are looking to reduce expenses wherever they can without sacrificing essential services. 

At the same time, many of our customers are also seeing this downturn as an opportunity to lean into their marketing and lead generation, recognizing that most of their competitors will overcompensate and discontinue marketing budgets and other forward thinking projects. 

Save on current expenditures and invest heavily in marketing at the same time. It’s a great strategy if


Real Estate Webmasters and partner to bring an exclusive platform to LRE® teams and brokerages. 

Vancouver, BC, Canada - Real Estate Webmasters (REW) and (Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate) have just announced a massive partnership aimed at bringing the best real estate, websites, agency design, CRM, and lead generation exclusively to LRE® members. 

This new program which includes a limited edition custom version of REW’s award-winning Renaissance platform and specialized lead generation specific to luxury will be officially unveiled and made available to LRE® members at their 25th Annual Fall Conference held in Seattle Sept 19-22. However, Meghan Barry has hinted that a few select members may be given special


Recently we launched an “Early renewal program” here at Real Estate Webmasters whereby our account management team has the discretion to provide certain credits to our customers for agency work in order to help facilitate their transition to Renaissance and their brand new REW CRM

If you haven't seen the new REW CRM yet, watch this preview video, it's epic! 


How the early renewal program works: 

The idea is to reward long-time, loyal clients for their years of partnership, remove barriers to upgrading such as the cost of migration of content, and re-implementation of necessary custom features they feel they can’t live without. 

At the same time, we’re ensuring our customers have access to the latest and greatest design


We just got some epic news, the new REW CRM is on schedule to be launched in the third quarter of 2022! (It's just a few months away!) 

As always with Real Estate Webmasters, an epic launch means an, even more, epic promo! 

Here's are the details:

All you need to do is inquire about #Renaissance at and show up for a quick demo. 

Once you attend the demo (even if you bail after 5 mins) you will be entered into a draw to win the following:

  • A brand new Renaissance website valued at $5,000 USD
  • A custom brand match valued at $2,000 USD
  • Full CRM and agent websites for up to 100 users for the year valued at $24,000 
  • SEO services for a whole year valued at $24,000

That's right! over $50,000 USD of products and


To celebrate REW’s new fast track leads program that is designed to help Realtors® get their renaissance website live and generating new business in record time Real Estate Webmasters will be giving away a brand new Tesla Model 3! 

This contest runs through the first quarter of 2022 and is designed to motivate our prospects and customers to get their new Renaissance website and Fast Track leads program up and running in the first quarter of 2022, so they can make the most of this amazing opportunity that is the 2022 real estate market.

How does it work? All you have to do is have a conversation with us. 

That’s right! If you’re a Realtor® and you’re even thinking about getting a better website and want more leads for 2022, then you are qualified


It's finally that time of year again folks! The Real Estate Webmasters 12 Days Of Christmas promotion has arrived! 

As any Real Estate Webmasters customer will tell you, 12 days is the best time of the year to get great deals on that new Renaissance platform, lead generation, SEO or agency program.

2021 was a breakout year for growth for our customer base, with many agents, teams & brokers adding hundreds of thousands and sometimes even millions of dollars in profits to their business. And we think this trend is going to continue into 2022.  

We're focused on your growth! 

In the spirit of celebrating your growth and success this past year we have aligned this promotion around agents, teams and brokerages that want to "increase" their market


Separating product and Agency at Real Estate Webmasters Inc

It’s been a record year in real estate and our customers across the board are benefitting from incredible growth and increased profitability. Sales prices and demand have never been higher and yet inventory in most markets is still incredibly low. 

This is the story for 2021 that virtually every Realtor®, team leader and broker can relate to. It’s basic supply and demand. And so far, it’s showing no signs of slowing down.  

Because of this, Realtors® are having to be far more selective with who they work with, and which prospects they spend their time on. There are 50 buyers for every house and time for all of us is the limiting factor. The smartest business minded leaders in our space


When we started our Renaissance during the pandemic we looked at everything... 

We audited our website products, CRM, lead generation, SEO, branding you name it! We wanted to make a true impact and firmly claim the top spot in our market as we exited the pandemic just like our customers want to be #1 in their local real estate markets. 

One of the many things we did was a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats).

Strengths: These are where we feel we dominate the market and do the best job in all of prop-tech & marketing.

  • Real Estate Websites & IDX
  • Custom / Agency Work
  • Lead Generation & SEO

Weaknesses: These are areas we felt needed to be improved in order for us to call ourselves the best in class.

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