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To celebrate REW’s new fast track leads program that is designed to help Realtors® get their renaissance website live and generating new business in record time Real Estate Webmasters will be giving away a brand new Tesla Model 3! 

This contest runs through the first quarter of 2022 and is designed to motivate our prospects and customers to get their new Renaissance website and Fast Track leads program up and running in the first quarter of 2022, so they can make the most of this amazing opportunity that is the 2022 real estate market.

How does it work? All you have to do is have a conversation with us. 

That’s right! If you’re a Realtor® and you’re even thinking about getting a better website and want more leads for 2022, then you are qualified

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It's finally that time of year again folks! The Real Estate Webmasters 12 Days Of Christmas promotion has arrived! 

As any Real Estate Webmasters customer will tell you, 12 days is the best time of the year to get great deals on that new Renaissance platform, lead generation, SEO or agency program.

2021 was a breakout year for growth for our customer base, with many agents, teams & brokers adding hundreds of thousands and sometimes even millions of dollars in profits to their business. And we think this trend is going to continue into 2022.  

We're focused on your growth! 

In the spirit of celebrating your growth and success this past year we have aligned this promotion around agents, teams and brokerages that want to "increase" their market

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Separating product and Agency at Real Estate Webmasters Inc

It’s been a record year in real estate and our customers across the board are benefitting from incredible growth and increased profitability. Sales prices and demand have never been higher and yet inventory in most markets is still incredibly low. 

This is the story for 2021 that virtually every Realtor®, team leader and broker can relate to. It’s basic supply and demand. And so far, it’s showing no signs of slowing down.  

Because of this, Realtors® are having to be far more selective with who they work with, and which prospects they spend their time on. There are 50 buyers for every house and time for all of us is the limiting factor. The smartest business minded leaders in our space

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When we started our Renaissance during the pandemic we looked at everything... 

We audited our website products, CRM, lead generation, SEO, branding you name it! We wanted to make a true impact and firmly claim the top spot in our market as we exited the pandemic just like our customers want to be #1 in their local real estate markets. 

One of the many things we did was a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats).

Strengths: These are where we feel we dominate the market and do the best job in all of prop-tech & marketing.

  • Real Estate Websites & IDX
  • Custom / Agency Work
  • Lead Generation & SEO

Weaknesses: These are areas we felt needed to be improved in order for us to call ourselves the best in class.

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    I want to talk about domain authority and how it applies to SEO for real estate websites. 

    This is an SEO topic that I think most Realtors® Team leaders, Brokers, and even real estate SEO experts don’t have a strong grasp on, yet it is one of the most important factors in ranking a website.

    First, let’s make a distinction between “on page” and “off-page” SEO,

    On-Page SEO For Real Estate: 

    On-page SEO is what you can physically do or have your team of programmers, designers, writers, and SEO people do to your website. This is the stuff Real Estate Webmaster’s SEO experts do for you when you hire us. 

    Some of the things we do are: 

    • Keyword research

    • Competitor analysis

    • Title Optimization

    • Meta Descriptions

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    Recently I gave a talk about internet marketing and SEO for real estate at the Ohio Association of Realtors. 

    During my talk, I discussed how companies like Zillow, Redfin, and Realtor (dot) com have convinced the whole real estate world that doing search engine optimization for real estate is impossible. 

    Don't even try! (They say). 

    Just pay us for the leads because we are the only companies that can rank since we have so much authority in the search engines. You can never win! 

    And it's worked! At this point, most brokers, teams, and agents don't even consider SEO since they think it is too hard, too expensive and they feel like they won't get any benefits from their effort.

    And they're wrong! In fact, because so many people have given

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    It' not very often you get a chance to work with a legendary company like RISMedia. 

    This past year we have had the great fortune of working with John Featherston and his whole team at RISMedia on their rebrand and website redesign and it has truly been a career-defining project. 

    John and the team were kind enough to share these words. 



    Here is the full press release: 

    Vancouver, Canada. March 1, 2021 -- RISMedia the leading information and news provider to the residential real estate industry, today unveiled their new, modern brand and tagline “Integrity In Real Estate” as well as a comprehensive overhaul of their entire website and technology platform. 

    The Rebrand which is showcased at the website

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    My name is Morgan Carey, and I am the founder and CEO here at Real Estate Webmasters Inc.

    I'd like to take a moment to personally thank you for your purchase of the new Renaissance platform. I'd also like to welcome you to our community of tens of thousands of the top real estate agents, teams and brokers. You are in great company!

    The purpose of this post is to serve as a jumping-off point at REW. A place where you can come back to if you ever need help.

    Here you will find links to helpful resources: our online community, guides, videos, and more! These resources are meant to help you focus your project and get you live and enjoying the benefits of the REW platform as soon as possible.

    Use this menu to jump to what interests you:

    • What a
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    Greetings valued customers,

    I’m writing this post to help explain REW’s deprecation policy and also to help our customers understand the serious potential risks involved in running deprecated platforms as well as the significant advantages of upgrading to current technology. 

    I recognize that if you are reading this you have likely come here via one of two channels. Either you have been sent here by an account manager who is being proactive about encouraging you to upgrade or you are an existing customer who is having a technical issue with a deprecated platform and you have been told that it is no longer supported. 

    Note: If you have already ordered your Renaissance platform you do not need to continue reading. Thank you for your order, you are

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    Recently some of our clients in Florida have reported receiving letters from lawyers threatening legal action against them due to fair housing violations. These letters generally are claiming that the client’s real estate website is not accessible according to ADA and that constitutes discrimination under the fair housing act. 

    This is very similar to what we saw a few years ago when lawyers were going after ADA specifically (not related to fair housing) but this addition of “Fair Housing” is a new twist and one we feel all customers should take seriously.  

    Why it really sucks

    When a law firm (or someone pretending to be a law firm) sends you a threatening letter it can be very stressful. Generally, these actions not only demand compensation

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