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Morgan Carey

New Pricing Plans At Real Estate Webmasters (REW)

Morgan Carey posted this 527 Views

I've just returned from Inman Disconnect and it was an absolutely amazing gathering of real estate's most brilliant and engaged minds. Our group was dynamic, passionate and driven to try to figure out what the future of our industry might look like (in the next 5 years).  One of the themes that was most prevalent in our discussions was change. Phrases like "we must adapt to new challenges," and "adjust our models to accommodate new competition," or "meet new expectations of our custo...

Real Estate Webmasters Celebrates its 15th Anniversary

Morgan Carey posted this 693 Views

It’s official: Real Estate Webmasters is celebrating our 15-year anniversary. All month, we’ll be taking a trip down memory lane, highlighting 15 years of innovation, customer success, and being awesome. We’re also excited to offer one of our biggest promotions ever (over $20,000 in free products). Be sure to check that out if you’re in the market for the latest real estate technology. A Big Thank You But before we go anywhere, we want to thank you, ou...

Contactually And Compass : The Platform Wars Are Here

Morgan Carey posted this 2 3,459 Views

If you had any doubt before, it should be gone now: The Platform Wars Are Here  Last week Gary Keller announced that KW Command was ready for prime time and that Keller Williams had a clear advantage over the competition when it came to “end-to-end” platforms provided by franchise to brokers & agents. I was given a tour of the platform and it is clearly not ready for prime time yet. I was also not a big fan of the hyperbole and the way Gary Keller oversells his platfo...

Real Estate Webmasters welcomes tech startup Keller Williams to Real Estate

Morgan Carey posted this 4 9,888 Views

This past weekend, after much fanfare and 3 years of what seemed like a never ending circle of promises and delays, technology startup Keller Williams finally announced that they are launching their much hyped platform “KW Command”.....soon…..? The actual date the public will see anything from Keller Williams is still unknown, but they’re close…..? About Keller Williams: Keller Williams is a relatively new entry into the real estate technology space havi...

REW Moving To Retainer Model For 2019 Professional Services

Morgan Carey posted this 1,343 Views

If there is one thing that I have learned in providing professional services these last 20 years, it's that setting expectations is everything.  If you do it right, your customers will hopefully appreciate and respect you. Even if they don’t like what they hear, they tend to appreciate the transparency and honesty.   If you don’t do it, or you get it wrong, your customers will be frustrated and upset.  Today, I’d like to talk about the future of...

Custom Work Forecasting At REW - An inside look at how things work

Morgan Carey posted this 1,341 Views

So this month I decided to join our sales manager in a really fun sales contest against our entire sales team. You can read about the contest at this facebook post (please feel free to share). As I've started to discuss projects (especially large custom projects or upgrades) the subject of the "queue" comes up. IE what is the wait time to get a project started / completed?People are often surprised by the answer (and that is there is a pretty long waiting list) and someone today asked me ...

Sell me on the App! Customer AMA

Morgan Carey posted this 2,465 Views

At Real Estate Webmasters, we are constantly creating new features and tools. I was recently in a conversation with one of our most progressive and innovative clients Davis Bass from Florida (we were discussing REW's new "Home Search App") and he challenged me with this question: "Sell me on the App" As I replied to him, I realized that this was probably a question many folks are going to ask, so I decided to put some additional effort into a more robust response—one that all REW ...

Latest REW Website to launch July, VR listings, AR App and NEW Zillow-Like IDX Search!

Morgan Carey posted this 2 13,372 Views

(Important update! Due to demand, new installs are now into August, 2018. If you are ordering, please ensure you get your order in ASAP as there is a LOT of demand for this promotion!) You heard it here first! I could not be more excited to announce the launch and pre-sale of our latest website platform, the BC 2.0 (it's so new we haven't actually got a name for it yet).There are so many exciting new innovations that we are going to be announcing this summer and showcasing at the upcoming...

Real Estate Webmasters Birthday - REW Celebrates 14 Years In Business!

Morgan Carey posted this 2,378 Views

That's right, today is Real Estate Webmasters' fourteenth birthday!  It has been yet another amazing year here at REW and, as I sit here on a plane bound for the T3 Summit, I have time to reflect on just how far we have come. More importantly, I get to feel the excitement of what I know is yet to come in our future! Here are some of the highlights: In the past year: Launched the industry's first 360 photo / video-enabled virtual reality website Launched REW Leads iOS a...

Booj acquired by RE/MAX; some initial thoughts

Morgan Carey posted this 6,082 Views

For those of you who don't know, one of REW's smaller competitors in the enterprise space, Booj, has just recently been announced as acquired by RE/MAX.   I've actually known about this deal for quite a while, but I didn't want to publish as, honestly, the founder of Booj, Ido, is someone I actually think is a good guy and he deserves his exit.   Now that it's out there though, I think it's time to talk about it.   I mean, it's an o...