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MLS information for realtors and web developers

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Many members of the REW forum ask, how do I go about creating a custom IDX for my website? The programmatic challenges to this are complex and will be covered in a subsequent blog entry, however before one can even go about coding a custom IDX, one must first have a raw data feed set up by their board. So I decided I would document in my IDX section how to go about applying for such a data feed and the processes unique to each board. In order for me to do this I will need to gather the foll...

Comment notifications et al

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One of the most important thing for keeping a clean and active blog is managing your comments - we need to create a notification such as "You have x amount of comments in your queue waiting for approval" - this should be on the main page when a user logs into their REW blog. What other notifications do we need here?

Paid Real Estate Directories - why we do it

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Many members ask, why do so many webmasters and realtors submit their websites to paid real estate directories? There are a lot of reasons for this, but here are a few. Potential Business: Real Estate Directories (The good ones) are very well organized and geared towards helping potential customers find a realtor to buy or sell a home, or gain access to available real estate inventory. These directories (Again the good ones) are also marketed to potential real estate customers through va...


Good Paid Real Estate Directories

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I am compiling a list of decent paid real estate directories for 07 offerings. So where to start? Real Estate ABC - Started by Terry Light, a well respected member of our forum. Fees are $25 to $105 per year. Relo Experts - Run by Jay Griffin, I don't believe he is accepting submissions any more, but we should definitly see if we can work something out for any unsold inventory. I know Jay has a bunch of other new directories, we would like to submit to all, we need to find out his criteria ...


Static Pages and Sort order

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2 of the things I would like to roll out this week are static pages and sort order for those pages, as well as a sort order for the bategories - we should use the new ajax drag and drop thing for this What else? Oh yeah, I would like to show the amount of views and amount of comments next to the blog entries (Without having to view the details) so that users can see which are the most active, and which have the interest at a glance. Hmmmm on a roll - don't forget about "My Google Maps...

New Design to accomodate listings and relocation

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Ok so we are going to be syndicating listings for our new REW directory so we must accomodate this feature along with our agent directory. So what are our challenges? New look featured agent directory Listings pages (Features from Point 2 and REW) Relocation information Where to start? That's easy, the homepage The homepage needs to be setup so that it gives equal attention to the realtor side and the listings side (Perhaps even the relocation side) I do like how hom...

Preview Naples New Design and IDX

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One of my favorite new designs of late is I am not sure exactly why I like it so much compared to the hundreds of other websites we have launched this quarter, I just like it. The color scheme really says Naples Florida to me, and the way the IDX quick search, listings and details pages are laid out really appeal to me. The communities map is pretty cool, but I think we should stylize those circles a little bit for the communities. For those interested this p...

Use of Realtor in domain names

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For those members looking for more information about the use of the member mark REALTOR in their domain name please read the following article: First what is a member mark? A membership mark is much like a "Trademark" however it differs in the sense that a group or affiliation holds said trademark as opposed to an individual or corporation. The term "REALTOR" (Also displayed below) is a membership mark held by the "National Association of Realtors NAR

Layout I like in terms of pages

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I really like the way this page is layed out - I am viewing it on my laptop and the placement seems really sharp. I really like how the contact box is pushed down by the element containing our office picture. In fact I like the pics of the staff to, I think that sort of thing would be good for testimonials or case studies pages. Take pics of the clients and format them so that they are clickable for testimonials or something.