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Just working on the functionality of the blogs, and figuring out the categories structure. Right now I am just planning on having a checkbox similar to wordpress so that when you make a post it gets assigned to that category, or if you don't choose a category there would be a misc, or main category that it defaults to. Now - do I assign to just one cat, or many? If so, how would this logic work? Also, one would likely want to be able to move a post from one cat to the next, does this post ...

Island Haven Bed and Breakfast

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Just wanted to send a shout out to the folks at Island Haven bed and breakfast - there facility was very nice and they treated us very well. Thank you also to my sweet Candice for taking me there for a nice relaxing stay on my birthday If anyone is on Vancouver island or looking for a B&B on vancouver island I suggest looking up Island Haven Bed and Breakfast you can view their website at

Real Estate Blogs

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There is a lot of Blogging software available out there, however there isn't really anything that is "for real estate" thus I decided to create one and REW Blogs was born. When this real estate blogging software is complete realtors all over the world will have a blog that they can not only post daily thoughts, and happy stories such as this one they will be able to upload their listings, inform their clients of company news and do a whole lot more.  We are currently loo...