Designing The LEC

This category is for posts pertaining to the public design of the next REW Limited Edition Custom. Follow us through the entire process of creating a custom website and see what it takes to be a true real estate webmaster.

12 Days of Xmas Promo – Biggest REW promotion of the year!

Morgan Carey posted this 94 10,899 Views

It's that time again – Real Estate Webmasters's biggest promotion of the year! We have our best deals during this promotion and we also announce new & exciting features. We have the new LEC 2014 on pre-sale (with a sneak peak), a new API to announce and some great upcoming partnerships to help all REW users take their game to the next level. Keep reading to find out all about it – and if you have questions, please ask me in the comments section, I would love to give you any i...

Website trade in and LEC 6 pre sale

Morgan Carey posted this 52 9,690 Views

Many customers have been asking when I am going to be launching LEC (Limited Edition Custom) version 6 and if they can pre-purchase it and lock up the exclusive for thier markets. The answer is I began development this week - and I am planning for a maximum of 3 months total development time. I leaked this information to my sales people on Tuesday, and several markets / LEC 6's have already been snapped up, even before I made the official announcement. Just like all the LEC's this product is...

5th Birthday Celebration Real Estate Webmasters customer appreciation promo

Morgan Carey posted this 166 9,082 Views

THIS PROMOTION IS NOW CLOSED Real Estate Webmasters turns 5 years old today! (April 9th 2009) I keep sitting down to write a super long post all teary eyed about how awesome our members and customers have been over the last 5 years but honestly I am going to run out of birthday before I'm done - so I have decided to save that post for another day and just keep our Real Estate Webmasters 5th birthday promo post short and sweet - THANK YOU! To all of our members, to all of our staff, ...

My Next LEC project - behind the scenes of the next Limited Edition Custom

Morgan Carey posted this 86 7,340 Views

It's official - The limited edition custom program is a resounding success. Due to some creative marketing and some timely promo's I have sold so many LEC 2.0's that we are running out of major market areas and I really need to step up production of the next round of LEC's (There are a couple in development including a special "support Marc Rasmussen" LEC which I will finish as soon as I get a new data feed for it *cough Marc cough* Anyways - as many of you remember, I did the ...

Promo hours available 25% bonus - take advantage of your dollar

Morgan Carey posted this 32 4,994 Views

Promotion Closed Tuesday October 28th, 2008 - thank you everyone for your orders   Promo hours available 25% bonus - take advantage of your dollar It's promotion time again at Real Estate Webmasters, and this one's timeframe is quite unpredictable so you will want to act quickly. As many of you know, Real Estate Webmasters is a Canadian company that (due to 99.5% of our clients being US based) charges in US dollars. Also for those of you who watch the markets, you will know that...

REW Custom Design - Join me in creating the next LEC

Morgan Carey posted this 60 8,961 Views

Most of our members know, that creating a custom website takes a lot of time, creativity, and talent. But oftentimes they are surprised, shocked, amazed etc when I tell them that a truly high end custom website with all the other custom goodies (custom IDX, custom blog, quick searches, featured listings modules and the like) can take a project into the 200-300 hour range in combined design / programming time. "Are you serious?" Indeed I am :) So I came up with an idea to take the...