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Version 2.0 REW CMS and lead management a reality!

Morgan Carey posted this 34 6,948 Views

Note: 50% discount time period on CMS 2.0 has now expired - Please do not use this post as a pricing guide for CMS 2.0 upgrades - instead visit the work orders forum to request an estimate. On Wednesday, February 6th 2008 we will be launching our new backend for customer use as a beta. We are very excited about the new funtionality that this system provides to our customers and with this upgrade this should make 2008 the best year ever for client closings from their REW websites. Thi...

Great Communities Don't Need Google

Morgan Carey posted this 2 3,609 Views

As any REW community member knows, a few days ago we took a hit in our Google rankings. I am still working on getting these issues figured out and it will likely be a timely process as Matt Cutts and the rest of great folks of Google have their hands full as you can well imagine with webmasters contacting them with "My site has dropped in the rankings, can you look into it" type inquiries. I am of course concerned with getting my rankings back up to their former glory. But it has...

Xoompad IDX using forum spamming to advertise

Morgan Carey posted this 4 8,982 Views

I tell you if I had a dollar for every time some sleazy company tried to spam our real estate community with their self promotional crap, I would not need to offer any fee for service development, I could just retire. Who is the newest spammer? Xoompad IDX They post "Revolutionary IDX Solution" as their tagline, and then go on to talk about how great their product is. First of all, this is spam and is NOT appreciated. In my opinion there is nothing revolutionary about xoom pad th...