My Next LEC project - behind the scenes of the next Limited Edition Custom

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It's official - The limited edition custom program is a resounding success. Due to some creative marketing and some timely promo's I have sold so many LEC 2.0's that we are running out of major market areas and I really need to step up production of the next round of LEC's (There are a couple in development including a special "support Marc Rasmussen" LEC which I will finish as soon as I get a new data feed for it *cough Marc cough* Anyways - as many of you remember, I did the ...

No SARjacking badges now available.

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For those of you following the Sarasota Association of Realtors fiasco (SAR) and lending your support, I have just created a great new way for you to showcase your disapproval for what SAR has done to our member Marc Rasmussen. The "No SARjacking" Badge.  To place this badge on your website, simply paste this html code to the left of the badge into your webpage, or blog, and save the page:   <a href="

Promo hours available 25% bonus - take advantage of your dollar

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Promotion Closed Tuesday October 28th, 2008 - thank you everyone for your orders   Promo hours available 25% bonus - take advantage of your dollar It's promotion time again at Real Estate Webmasters, and this one's timeframe is quite unpredictable so you will want to act quickly. As many of you know, Real Estate Webmasters is a Canadian company that (due to 99.5% of our clients being US based) charges in US dollars. Also for those of you who watch the markets, you will know that...

Save $2000 on REW IDX - only 25 available

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THIS PROMOTION SOLD OUT IN 3 DAYS - Thanks for all who purchased Real Estate Webmasters is offering the most significant discounted price ever on our most popular product - the REW CORE IDX (yes it's the one that is built into your REW website, has snippet & lead management integration and is search engine spiderable.) So what's the deal - how do I save $2000? Normally REW CORE IDX is $2500 for install and $360 USD per year for IDX data hosting. For these 2 weeks (and only these ...

Going truly custom - it's all in the details

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As many of you know, REW IDX is a true "custom" platform. What this means is that our customers can have us make custom changes to our CORE system in any way they can think of with only 1 real limitation, that limitation being we cannot violate the rules of the MLS board (Our changes must pass compliance). One of the most common questions asked of me is "What is the difference from just sticking with CORE (Out of the BOX) REW IDX vs customization. Below I am going to provide...

77 MLS boards and counting

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As many of you noticed we launched the new REW design V 2.something and have all sorts of new sections - one of the more prominent ones is the new MLS board search - which allows users to search all of the MLS boards that Real Estate Webmasters services in terms of providing custom IDX solutions. Now Reed has been workign hard populating the thing, and we aren't even close to done - but I had never actually sat down and counted, so I did - and wow I was quite surprised! So far I count that...

Google Enterprise a Reality at Real Estate Webmasters

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Real Estate Webmasters is proud to announce we have completed the paperwork and are awaiting activation of our enterprise level Google mapping API. We are now able to provide much more timely and complete Google geo-coding, without the limitations of the Google free API. We can also enjoy enterprise level telephone and email support from Google staff, and implementation assistance for any and all existing and new Google mapping technology. What does this mean for REW customers? F...

Custom IDX Solutions and Data feeds, understanding limitations

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I thought I would outline our custom IDX process, as well as some limitations with data feeds, in the hopes to clarify some misconceptions and also hopefully address some points of frustration for certain IDX users. Lets start at the beginning, the IDX feed When a new customer signs up to have Real Estate Webmasters develop a custom IDX for them, the first thing we must do is gain access to the raw data feed provided by their MLS board. We are happy to educate and assist clie...

Xoompad IDX using forum spamming to advertise

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I tell you if I had a dollar for every time some sleazy company tried to spam our real estate community with their self promotional crap, I would not need to offer any fee for service development, I could just retire. Who is the newest spammer? Xoompad IDX They post "Revolutionary IDX Solution" as their tagline, and then go on to talk about how great their product is. First of all, this is spam and is NOT appreciated. In my opinion there is nothing revolutionary about xoom pad th...

CTAR MLS - Charleston Trident Association of Realtors CTARMLS

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For those of you looking for CTAR MLS information this post should help. Creating a custom CTARIDX, first you need a feed. The person you need to speak to if you are looking to create a custom IDX via CTAR MLS is Jennifer Blalock, she is the information technologies manager. She can be reached at 760-9400 x 116 or via email at From the CTAR website: Jennifer's duties consists of network administration and support of technical hardware and software. She also...