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In this sub category of REW Blogs I will be writing tutorials on how to make the most out of your REW Blogs.

Outbound link abuse in REW Blogs

Morgan Carey posted this 3 5,485 Views

Ok, so not everyone is a search engine expert - I need to accept that, and I do, I really do. I also cannot expect people to know what is not acceptable when publishing an REW Blog unless I spell it out for them so here it goes - Unacceptable REW Blog linking practice #1: Irrelevant outbound linking I come across this one particular situation quite a bit and it just flat out bothers me. What I am referring to is the practice of hyper linking keywords within a blog post to your websites that...

Compiling a list of helpful posts and threads for new REW Blog users

Morgan Carey posted this 12 6,215 Views

REW Blogs are different than a lot of the other real estate blogging platforms in the sense that they are set up with many different elements, each one with it's own specific function constructed to help the user make the most of their blogs, and help them not only maintain a very high level of quality, but also make sure they are always in compliance with all search engines terms of usage. We also make constant improvements to REW blogs to help the users get their blogs seen by those inte...

REW Blogs setup 101 - The basics

Morgan Carey posted this 1 3,764 Views

When setting up an REW Blog, it is important to understand the technology and features and more importantly how to use them. This tutorial is meant to help REW Blog users set up their blogs for maximum exposure, great click through and user friendliness. Step one: Your right hand profile. This is perhaps the most important portion of the REW Blog setup, as you are creating the area of your blog where people will see your face, and read a short bio about you. It also contains the links to ...