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This is where I discuss how to make the most out of REW blogs. Topics will include content ideas, blog post optimization and using the REW Blog technology to its fullest.

No SARjacking badges now available.

Morgan Carey posted this 6,041 Views

For those of you following the Sarasota Association of Realtors fiasco (SAR) and lending your support, I have just created a great new way for you to showcase your disapproval for what SAR has done to our member Marc Rasmussen. The "No SARjacking" Badge.  To place this badge on your website, simply paste this html code to the left of the badge into your webpage, or blog, and save the page:   <a href="

Promo hours available 25% bonus - take advantage of your dollar

Morgan Carey posted this 32 4,741 Views

Promotion Closed Tuesday October 28th, 2008 - thank you everyone for your orders   Promo hours available 25% bonus - take advantage of your dollar It's promotion time again at Real Estate Webmasters, and this one's timeframe is quite unpredictable so you will want to act quickly. As many of you know, Real Estate Webmasters is a Canadian company that (due to 99.5% of our clients being US based) charges in US dollars. Also for those of you who watch the markets, you will know that...

Save $2000 on REW IDX - only 25 available

Morgan Carey posted this 86 4,141 Views

THIS PROMOTION SOLD OUT IN 3 DAYS - Thanks for all who purchased Real Estate Webmasters is offering the most significant discounted price ever on our most popular product - the REW CORE IDX (yes it's the one that is built into your REW website, has snippet & lead management integration and is search engine spiderable.) So what's the deal - how do I save $2000? Normally REW CORE IDX is $2500 for install and $360 USD per year for IDX data hosting. For these 2 weeks (and only these ...

Improved customer support at REW Forums

Morgan Carey posted this 5 2,917 Views

To our valued REW customers. By now many have already noticed and commented on an increase in both response times and efficiency during business hours at our REW customer support forums. This is no accident - Recently we have increased our team of daytime CSR reps responsible for non billable support of our technologies. The most significant addition to our CSR program this year - is the addition of 3 full time programmers for providing tier 2 and tier 3 support for REW technology (CMS, ...

1 in 5 Limited Edition customs wins their $20,000.00 website

Morgan Carey posted this 17 3,162 Views

Imagine you finally take the plunge and purchase that amazing REW custom designed website you have always been wanting and through the amazing new limited edition custom program you end up with with a custom site, built in (Extremely custom) REW IDX and custom REW Blog for less than half of what it would have cost on the normal custom development program... Now imagine you got it for free :) To celebrate the launch of our very first limited edition custom design, that will be the reality...

Greatest Real Estate Agent In The World Contest - A competition for Real Estate SEO supremacy

Morgan Carey posted this 98 16,548 Views

Or maybe just a little bit of fun :) My buddy Eric Bramlett who has been really firing it up doing his own SEO lately (He is first and foremost a Realtor - or at least he used to be heh) came up with an idea for a fun contest - the "Greatest Real Estate Agent In The World Contest" (He gets a link because it was his idea - this is NOT my idea and I take no responsibility for the great relationships you may build or the learning you may experience. Also as with any attempts at expe...

Version 2.0 REW CMS and lead management a reality!

Morgan Carey posted this 34 6,941 Views

Note: 50% discount time period on CMS 2.0 has now expired - Please do not use this post as a pricing guide for CMS 2.0 upgrades - instead visit the work orders forum to request an estimate. On Wednesday, February 6th 2008 we will be launching our new backend for customer use as a beta. We are very excited about the new funtionality that this system provides to our customers and with this upgrade this should make 2008 the best year ever for client closings from their REW websites. Thi...

Great Communities Don't Need Google

Morgan Carey posted this 2 3,598 Views

As any REW community member knows, a few days ago we took a hit in our Google rankings. I am still working on getting these issues figured out and it will likely be a timely process as Matt Cutts and the rest of great folks of Google have their hands full as you can well imagine with webmasters contacting them with "My site has dropped in the rankings, can you look into it" type inquiries. I am of course concerned with getting my rankings back up to their former glory. But it has...

REW Dollars - Rewarding members for participation, community spirit and spreading the word

Morgan Carey posted this 5 2,513 Views

I have wanted to set up this system for a while, and with the impending launch of REW Blogs V2 - I think it is a great time to start brainstorming and establish a dialogue with the member regarding the finer points of the system. What is REW Dollars (Name may change) Basically - it is a ratings / points system that actually rewards the members as opposed the Active Rain points system where they basically play upon the members competitive spirit and ego's to want to have the most points and...

My REW blog has been flagged for violations

Morgan Carey posted this 233 35,030 Views

You have likely arrived at this page because you have a notice in your account that your REW Blog has been flagged for a violation of the REW Blogs terms of service. This blog post will inform you on how you have this flag removed so that you can get back to taking full advantage of all that REW Blogs have to offer. Before getting into how to have the flag removed, let me first explain why we have a TOS and why it is important that every member abide by our rules and policies. #1: User ex...