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This is where I discuss how to make the most out of REW blogs. Topics will include content ideas, blog post optimization and using the REW Blog technology to its fullest.

REW Blogs now available to public

Morgan Carey posted this 8 5,776 Views

After much testing and user feedback we have now opened the REW Blogs to the public, now any real estate professional can apply for an REW blog and showcase their prowess as an internet savvy web 2.0 Realtor. How to apply for an REW blog: Go to the REW Forum and send a private message to the community administrator Morgan Carey (Member username webmaster) *You must be logged into the forum to send private messages In your private message, put in the message title "Requesting an REW Blo...

Firefox users add RSS to your toolbar

Morgan Carey posted this 1 3,171 Views

If you are a firefox user, and you click the RSS feed link on your favorite REW Blog authors blog, you can add an automatic update bookmark link to your firefox toolbox. It's actually really cool, you get notifications when new posts are made, so you can go check them out. I should do this for REW Forums 2.0

Blogalytics: Let your traffic guide your topics

Morgan Carey posted this 11 8,917 Views

Ok so what is blogalytics? Blogalytics is a term I just made up by combining the word Blog and the word analytics - Make sense? Ok seriously though, this blog post is TOTALLY worth reading to the end, so keep reading. (Especially for you REW bloggers) Blogalytics is a technique I have practiced, and selectively shared with friends that helps alleviate the annoying task of trying to decide what to blog about while at the same time being guaranteed that your blog posts will receive the kind...