Consulting for your real estate business, with Morgan Carey, CEO of REW.

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Now that things have finally started to slow down a bit after our record shattering $40,000,000 valuation on CBC's Dragon's Den this past week, it's time for me to get back to work. I posted our 12 days of Christmas promotion on my blog over here: and I've been getting a LOT of email inquiries regarding "how do I reach my goals" "what should I buy", "how much time do I need to get" "what can I expect as results" and many more. I'm doing my best to keep up but as they are one off's and so m...

REW Christmas Promotion : Celebrating The Largest Deal In History!

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Looking for this year's 12 Days of Christmas deals? View them here! Update: The sales team leads say our sale on hours is too complicated (and because it's their nature to want to sell, they are pushing for even better deals for customers).  How they got me to say yes to this, I have NO IDEA - but here you go!  Design time: It turns out that because of our recent awesomeness in hiring, we have ZERO queue in design - so until further notice, I am going to authorize 20% off ALL...

Website trade in and LEC 6 pre sale

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Many customers have been asking when I am going to be launching LEC (Limited Edition Custom) version 6 and if they can pre-purchase it and lock up the exclusive for thier markets. The answer is I began development this week - and I am planning for a maximum of 3 months total development time. I leaked this information to my sales people on Tuesday, and several markets / LEC 6's have already been snapped up, even before I made the official announcement. Just like all the LEC's this product is...

Concerned about "losing" SEO benefits?

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As most people now know, REW just this week has undergone the most major change in it's history. With this change has come several major positive enhancements which you can read about and provide feedback on at the new site forum, setup specifically for Q & A on this new platform.This post however is to address those people who are concerned about "loosing" backlinks or SEO benefits from their participation at Real Estate Webmasters and hopefully by the end of it, our readers will realiz...

Inman Connect Create Hackathon - REW Enters Developers Challenge

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For those of you attending the Inman Connect SF 2009 conference or just like reading about Real Estate Webmaster antics here is some news for you. We (technically myself, Michael and Phil) have entered the Inman Connect Create Hackathon (or developers challenge) down in San Fransisco the first week of August. What is the Connect Create? It's a contest where small groups of developers compete (on site) to develop their most creative / useful / killer real estate related app. You can pla...

Exit Realty Florida Website Winners - congratulations!!

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A big thank you goes out to Colleen Forbes and the entire Exit Realty Florida crew for having us be the exlusive website vendors at at your recent Orlando event. Carrie and I had a great time meeting you all, and we look forward to servicing you now and in the future. Exit Template website winner For those Exit folks that missed the draw at the luncheon for the REW Exit template website - the winner was Montie Lipsey-Lee of Exit Realty Producers, Gainesville, Florida. Montie - we hope yo...

No SARjacking badges now available.

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For those of you following the Sarasota Association of Realtors fiasco (SAR) and lending your support, I have just created a great new way for you to showcase your disapproval for what SAR has done to our member Marc Rasmussen. The "No SARjacking" Badge.  To place this badge on your website, simply paste this html code to the left of the badge into your webpage, or blog, and save the page:   <a href="

REW Template Special Ends Friday May 23

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As many of you know to celebrate the launch of the REW 2.0 CMS and lead manager, I am running a special that waives the setup fee (Normally $740 USD setup) on REW templates. As with all good things, the special is coming to an end. For anyone who has been sitting on the sidelines now is the time ot act, this special ends Friday, May 23rd at 4 PM Pacific standard time. All orders must be submitted prior to this time in order to qualify for this very special pricing. If you still don't h...

REW Website special no setup fee for V 2.0

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To celebrate the launch of the new REW 2.0 platform we are offering our REW template websites with no setup fee. Many of you missed out on the 12 days of Christmas special for REW templates well here is your chance to finally upgrade your old clunky website to a brand spanking new REW template. So what's the deal? Normally REW templates with the 2.0 platform are $740 setup and $480 per year combined hosting / platform fee. For a limited time I am waiving the $740 setup fee - so a...

Greatest Real Estate Agent In The World Contest - A competition for Real Estate SEO supremacy

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Or maybe just a little bit of fun :) My buddy Eric Bramlett who has been really firing it up doing his own SEO lately (He is first and foremost a Realtor - or at least he used to be heh) came up with an idea for a fun contest - the "Greatest Real Estate Agent In The World Contest" (He gets a link because it was his idea - this is NOT my idea and I take no responsibility for the great relationships you may build or the learning you may experience. Also as with any attempts at experimenting...