Version 2.0 REW CMS and lead management a reality!

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Note: 50% discount time period on CMS 2.0 has now expired - Please do not use this post as a pricing guide for CMS 2.0 upgrades - instead visit the work orders forum to request an estimate. On Wednesday, February 6th 2008 we will be launching our new backend for customer use as a beta. We are very excited about the new funtionality that this system provides to our customers and with this upgrade this should make 2008 the best year ever for client closings from their REW websites. Thi...

Great Communities Don't Need Google

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As any REW community member knows, a few days ago we took a hit in our Google rankings. I am still working on getting these issues figured out and it will likely be a timely process as Matt Cutts and the rest of great folks of Google have their hands full as you can well imagine with webmasters contacting them with "My site has dropped in the rankings, can you look into it" type inquiries. I am of course concerned with getting my rankings back up to their former glory. But it has...

Google Reconsideration filed - Real Estate Webmasters

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Well, it was a really long weekend - anyone following the "Not ranking for Real Estate Webmasters" knows what I am talking about. For those of you that don't - It appears that Real Estate Webmasters has been assessed a Google penalty (Dropping us a couple of pages down the SERPS) after a very long investigation and audit, and speaking to several notable search engine personalities including Rand Fishkin of (Rand you are a great friend, thank you) the general concensus is that we l...

Checking out the features on

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Just checking out the features and creating a profile on a new social networking site For the most part it's focus seems to be online marketing, but as Real Estate "Webmasters" online marketing is huge part of what we are looking to improve upon, so might be cool. I will update this post as I find out more however for now, I need to post this to my blog in order to verify my RSS feed. We know one thing right away, they do have verification m...


Woodbury Junction Ignorance - Orange County, NY

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I was talking with some friends the other day regarding a new Gated Community called Woodbury Junction in Orange County, New York and one of them mentioned that they "heard" (And I am only repeating what they "heard" I do not know if it is true or not) - that the sales manager of the Woodbury community was emailing real estate agents who were (well within their rights) reporting about this exciting new community, telling them that they are not allowed to write about the community on their we...


Relevant Reading - No link spam please

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This is the first installment in a series of posts I have promised in order to help REW Bloggers create the best blogs possible and hopefully win some really great prizes in the REW Blogs Contest. The topic of this blog post is how to properly use the "Relevant Reading" (Formerly named "links" ) section of your REW Blog. I renamed this section in an attempt to further educate members in terms of the purpose of this section and to help them understand that it is not just about sending yours...

The Blog Recap - interlinking in a useful way

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This post is for those of you with multiple blogs As many of us have found out, there are many great places to blog and increase our online exposure and solicit new business. Often times REW members will not only have an REW Blog here at Real Estate Webmasters, they will also have an Active Rain Blog and a blog on your personal or company website such as Jim Olenbush's Austin Real Estate Blog. Now "hopefully" users are not posting duplicate content on each of these blogs as having unique c...

Active Rain Banned By Google : Link spam ruins great resource

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I would imaging that got everyones attention - It's not true, but it could happen and unless some changes are made, it may very well become a reality. This will be a very long post, but if you would like to see Active Rain stay in Google's good graces like I would, I think it's important that you read this. Active Rain is a social networking / blogging community that has opened it's doors and very graciously allowed it's users (Realtors and other professionals servicing the real estat...

Outbound link abuse in REW Blogs

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Ok, so not everyone is a search engine expert - I need to accept that, and I do, I really do. I also cannot expect people to know what is not acceptable when publishing an REW Blog unless I spell it out for them so here it goes - Unacceptable REW Blog linking practice #1: Irrelevant outbound linking I come across this one particular situation quite a bit and it just flat out bothers me. What I am referring to is the practice of hyper linking keywords within a blog post to your websites that...

Removing state reciprocal directories : Notifying Google

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Many users of REW websites who are doing their own SEO have asked us if we could document the proper process of removing the state organized reciprocal linking pages that they were previously using for link exchange. Here is a detailed breakdown: Step 1: Create a Google Webmasters Account To create a webmaster account, visit click on "webmaster tools, including sitemaps" To the right you will see a "create a google account" click on that link and foll...