Blogalytics: Let your traffic guide your topics

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Ok so what is blogalytics? Blogalytics is a term I just made up by combining the word Blog and the word analytics - Make sense? Ok seriously though, this blog post is TOTALLY worth reading to the end, so keep reading. (Especially for you REW bloggers) Blogalytics is a technique I have practiced, and selectively shared with friends that helps alleviate the annoying task of trying to decide what to blog about while at the same time being guaranteed that your blog posts will receive the kind...

Paid Real Estate Directories - why we do it

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Many members ask, why do so many webmasters and realtors submit their websites to paid real estate directories? There are a lot of reasons for this, but here are a few. Potential Business: Real Estate Directories (The good ones) are very well organized and geared towards helping potential customers find a realtor to buy or sell a home, or gain access to available real estate inventory. These directories (Again the good ones) are also marketed to potential real estate customers through va...


Good Paid Real Estate Directories

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I am compiling a list of decent paid real estate directories for 07 offerings. So where to start? Real Estate ABC - Started by Terry Light, a well respected member of our forum. Fees are $25 to $105 per year. Relo Experts - Run by Jay Griffin, I don't believe he is accepting submissions any more, but we should definitly see if we can work something out for any unsold inventory. I know Jay has a bunch of other new directories, we would like to submit to all, we need to find out his criteria ...


Getting the most out of links

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Most of us all know the search engine ranking benefit our websites receive from getting inbound links to our websites from other relevant topic specific websites. When you think about it though, for the most part the way agents are exchanging links currently (Peer to peer link exchange from buried links pages) this is the only benefit being gained from the exchange. So I think it is time we evaluated this proposition - consider the following: #1 - The real estate industry is built on re...


SES San Jose

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Just met with Terry Light and Jay Griffin - it as really nice to see some of the more mentionables in our little real estate web community out at the worlds premier conference for search engine marketers. For those of you not familiar with the event, SES stands for Search Engine Strategies and the conference in San Jose is the most touted of all SES's - why? Because we get to go party at Googleplex that's why! I got a chance to run some of my new search engine marketing ideas by some of the...