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Why every agent or broker needs a real estate app

Real Estate Webmasters posted this 2,139 Views

We live in a world that's downright obsessed with smartphones, tablets, and overall screen time. And yet, apps are nearly ignored completely by most real estate businesses. But they're starting to gain popularity with the heavy hitters. Zillow,, and Redfin now have mobile apps. It's time for agents to step up and take advantage of this underutilized marketing channel. Why would an agent need both an app and a website? As a real estate tech provider, we had to ask ...

CENTURY 21 Canada Technology Platform Makes the Cover of Real Estate Magazine

Real Estate Webmasters posted this 605 Views

"The largest custom real estate platform build in modern history." When you read the statement that kicks off the latest cover story of Real Estate Magazine by RISMedia, it's easy to understand why we are so excited about the upcoming launch of CENTURY 21 Canada's new national technology platform. To say it's highly anticipated would be a massive understatement. An incredible 30,000 development hours at Real Estate Webmasters went into building the platform over the past two yea...

Google VR is Coming to Vision

Real Estate Webmasters posted this 1,503 Views

The VR experience on Vision is going to the next level in the latest REW CRM release. Enhanced listings can now feature fully stereoscopic images and videos—taking your site visitors deeper into the places and properties they love. Virtual reality is an emerging technology that is rapidly becoming more accessible and expected in the real estate industry. Property seekers today have increasing time and affordability constraints that make property purchases a high stakes game. B...

Introducing New CRM Lead Sorting Options: Score & Value

Real Estate Webmasters posted this 2,212 Views

Look out for some exciting improvements coming to how leads can be prioritized in the REW CRM. At Real Estate Webmasters, our goal has always been to make following up with your most valuable leads as quick and intuitive as possible. We want you to spend your time on the highest quality leads that are most likely to engage with you. As part of the upcoming 2018 Spring C REW CRM update, we’re introducing two brand new ways for you to sort leads, so you can get in touch with your w...

Study: Should Real Estate Websites Use Forced Registration?

Real Estate Webmasters posted this 5 3,149 Views

If there's one contentious issue when it comes to real estate websites, it's registration settings. Some agents swear by forced registration and others shudder at the mere mention of the words. The purpose of this blog is to provide a powerful example of how forced registration can impact real estate lead generation in a big way. What is Forced Registration? Before we jump into our experiment, let's clarify exactly what it is we mean by "forced registration." In this case, we mean t...

What's the difference between REW CRM and the REW Leads app?

Real Estate Webmasters posted this 1,486 Views

Here at Real Estate Webmasters, we've created two phenomenal lead follow-up tools for our clients to use. Both are included as part of the monthly SaaS program and both can be used to help take your business to the next level, improving your ability to follow up with clients and leads. However, despite seeming similar on the surface, REW CRM and REW Leads are two very different pieces of software. Let's break them down... REW CRM overview Mobile responsive web platform Single ...

The 2 ways to turn buyers into loyal lifelong clients

Real Estate Webmasters posted this 2,540 Views

Real Estate Webmasters recently hired a market research company to complete extensive surveys and interviews with Realtors, buyers, and sellers across North America. We gained a lot of valuable insight into the real estate industry, which we've shared throughout this blog over the past month. In this post, we're going to summarize the research that told us how Realtors can turn their buyers and sellers into loyal, lifelong clients who will be happy to share their name with all their famil...

GDPR FAQs for Realtors with websites

Real Estate Webmasters posted this 1,645 Views

In exactly one week, the European Union's new data laws go into effect. Here's what REW clients need to know... What is GDPR? GDPR is the acronym for General Data Protection Regulation, which is a series of laws that will go into effect in one week, on May 25, 2018. GDPR tackles 7 different principles of data collection and protection, a few of which apply directly to real estate sites: Principles relating to the processing of personal data Lawfulness of processing Condi...

How buyers & sellers choose their real estate agents in a digital age

Real Estate Webmasters posted this 2 2,392 Views

We recently hired a third-party research company to interview anonymous buyers and sellers who bought or sold property, worth between $300,000 to $1.5 Million, within the past 12 months. The participants were asked a series of questions over an hour-long interview to help us better understand their habits, opinions, and decision-making processes. We were particularly interested in finding out how buyers and sellers choose their real estate agents in this digital age. Here's what we found ...

Exploring real estate on mobile devices

Real Estate Webmasters posted this 3 2,012 Views

To help our clients provide better experiences to their buyers and sellers, we hired a third party research company to talk to people who have bought or sold a home within the past 12 months. This company asked a series of questions in an hour-long interview and the results were fascinating. In this blog, we'll review some of the most interesting things about mobile websites and apps that buyers and sellers had to say. Quick overview of the findings Most buyers and sellers don't ...