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REIL MLS Discontinuing FTP and XML Feeds

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RE-InfoLink (aka REIL) will discontinue FTP & XML IDX services to feed subscribers by the end of March 2007 in sole support of a RETS IDX solution. Data Support agent Andrew Simmons, over at RE-Infolink informed us that they will be discontinuing support for their current legacy FTP and XML IDX feeds. They have decided to only provide a RETS data feed to their subscribers. The current target date for switching over is March 5th, 2007 which does not leave much time for developers to imp...

MRMLS Members Forced to Using RETS

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Change is Inevitable As you may or may not know in November MRMLS sent out an email to all their members telling them that the FTP service they provide their members for IDX data downloading will be shutdown for good on January 31st, 2007. As a result all existing FTP users will need to switch to their RETS IDX service. "We are asking all IDX recipients to convert to RETS by January 31st, 2007." Jennifer Chan ~ Project Manager for MRMLS Novermber 23rd, 2006 MRMLS will now solely prov...

The Reality of RETS

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What is RETS? The Real Estate Transaction Standard is a common language spoken by systems that handle real estate information, such as multiple listing services. A common language enables computers like the one on your desk to receive information from many different real estate systems or MLSs without being specially "trained" to understand the information from each. Standards like RETS exist in many different fields. Sometimes, the standard simply adopts one of many pre-existing la...