Facebook's New Tool for Real Estate Ads

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One of the toughest challenges agents face when promoting their listings is determining what listings to promote to what people. You don't want to spend money promoting a nice condo to people who are only interested in million dollar homes. This is an age old issue with online real estate advertising and luckily, Facebook has begun to take notice. Dubbed 'Dynamic Ads for Real Estate', this new tool will help you advertise your listings on both Facebook and Instagram and, by leveraging cro...

My PPC & SEM Takeaways from SMX Advanced 2017

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As Monday afternoon hit, I met with Melissa (my SEO counterpart) at Pike Place Market on an overcast day in Seattle, ready to take on SMX Advanced and expand our knowledge of the SEM world! When registration opened, we strolled across the road to the venue and immediately knew the event was going to be a great one. What looked like thousands of nametags were lined up, things were in order, and the rooftop welcome reception at the International Bell Tower was underway. Day 1 The next da...

How To Write Online Real Estate Ads That Get You Leads

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Being able to effectively write online real estate ads can be the make or break factor in whether you're generating money or simply throwing it away. I'm going to take you through 5 simple tips that will help you master your real estate ads, increase conversion rates, get you more leads, and improve your online ROI! Let's get started. 1. Get To The Point Studies have proven that human beings can't help but read text that's put in front of them, but your window of opportunity is highly ...


REW’s Trip to the Googleplex

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This past week I had the amazing opportunity to visit the Googleplex (Google HQ) in Mountain View, CA for the annual All-Stars Summit. The PPC team here at REW is an official Google AdWords Partner and with this comes the chance to take part in Google contests. This specific contest had the grand prize of a “trip for two to the Googleplex”. Morgan and I made the trip and we learned a bunch of valuable information all while having a great time!  Google flew us in on Sunday...