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Getting Secure With HTTPS / SSL On REW Websites

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Google recently announced that it now gives a slight SEO boost to sites that utilize HTTPS encryption by default, with strongly implied plans to make this ranking signal even more important in the future. A ranking signal is essentially a factor within an algorithm, and search engines use hundreds of different ranking signals to determine exactly where each site deserves to rank. Search engines generally keep the specifics of these ranking signals under lock and key, until they want ...

5 Exciting New SEO Products Just Launched!

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Let's kick off August with something AWESOME! As part of our initiative to continue to improve our marketing services, we've developed a brand new line of flat-rate SEO products that allow you to pick only what you need—no more, no less. You choose the products that are right for your needs, and we deliver them, ensuring every last cent is well spent. You'll always know in advance exactly how we'll be utilizing your SEO investment. We're downright excited about this product line, b...

FAQ: Why Aren't My Property Listing Pages Indexed?

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There has been a lot of misunderstanding lately about how Google decides to index pages, and this has led to some inaccurate concerns about REW's IDX. I want to openly address these concerns and help clarify what is happening from an SEO perspective. The Evidence All of REW's sites use the same IDX framework, which essentially means that all the sites are using the same core foundation for listings pages. If there was a problem with the ability for Google to index Real Estate Webmasters'...

Post-Penguin Traffic: How To Increase Traffic After A Penguin Penalty

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We know a lot about what to do when a site is affected by a Penguin penalty or related algorithm update: clean up backlinks, remove as many unnatural links as possible, submit a disavow file and send in a reconsideration request. But then what? When a a penalty has been dealt with, a lot of webmasters expect to see their traffic jump back up and return to the previous levels. Unfortunately, the reality looks more like this: There's very little change. To understand why this is happe...


Infographics On REW Websites!

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Forget link submissions, quick tricks and schemes. SEO in 2014 is all about creating awesome, engaging content that is actually worth sharing. If you do enough of that, your site will be a hit. But that concept is easier said than done, and creating content that people love requires time, creativity and a huge dose of "out of the box" thinking. Two leaders of innovation with Real Estate Webmasters sites have already stepped up and embraced this new way of SEO thinking with one powerful ide...