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How to use video instead of photos to train the Lensa AI model

The internet has blown up with photos of people using the Lensa App, and rightly so! It creates incredible, beautiful, and very creative photos using AI technology by referencing existing selfie photos. 

Just check out these amazing AI-generated images of Brad Inman (founder of Inman News) and Meghan Barry (President of Who's Who In Luxury Real Estate) 

Brad Inman AI Photo Meghan Barry AI

Pretty amazing right? These AI Photos are unreal! 

You need to have at least 10 great images (close-up, high res, selfie-style, or cropped) if you want to use the app, and up to 20 if you really want to train the model well and get good results. 

But not everyone has a professional photography team or years of high-resolution photos

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