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Introducing REW Leads for Android & our third winter release

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It's my pleasure to announce that REW's third winter release is complete and ready to be deployed! This mobile-focused update includes the formal unveiling of REW Leads for Android, a brand new feature for REW Leads for iOS, and new bug fixes for REW CRM. Let's break down each of these new benefits in a little more detail... REW Leads for Android is released Android users rejoice! We took REW Leads for Android out of Beta this morning and have officially released it into the wild via t...

3 Tech Trends That Will Change Real Estate Forever

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I recently had the pleasure of attending the Gathering of Eagles, an invitation-only conference for top executives who work within the real estate industry. As I listened to influential speakers and leaders share their take on real estate technology, I thought about our clients, and how the current trends can make them more successful. In fact, with every trend is a lesson, and those lessons teach real estate agents how to thrive for decades to come. 1. Transactions Are Becoming Mo...