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Daniel Gale Sotheby’s International

Daniel Gale Sotheby’s International came to REW wanting to attract and retain clients in today’s competitive environment. A challenge that we gladly accepted.

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With 25 offices, 1000 agents and $4 billion in sales last year, Daniel Gale needed a user-friendly website that would better attract and retain clients. At the same time, deliver enhanced functionality to agents while supplying real-time information so that marketing colleagues and executives could better allocate resources.

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A Partner, Not Just Another Vendor

After careful consideration, Yun and his employer made the call to work with REW - a decision Yun was impressed with after speaking with company CEO Morgan Carey.

“Morgan was personally invested in making sure we’d have a successful website,” says Yun. “We were looking for a partner, not a vendor whose only interest was how much money we could spend, and Morgan took the reins and said that he would be our project manager. And I took him up on it.”

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We want every visitor to come to our website and say, ‘Hey, I want a relationship with this brand.’

- Sungjin Yun | Senior Director, Digital Strategy | Daniel Gale Sotheby's International Realty

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Sotheby's Goes Truly Custom

One of the things about Daniel Gale Sotheby's International Realty is that they are truly a high end firm. As such, not only do they choose the best real estate website framework, they also invest heavily in customizing for thier specific needs. This custom market stats is a great example of thier custom work.

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Industry Leading MLS Search!

As a brokerage with 1,000 agents and a huge coverage area Daniel Gale needed a truly flexible MLS search. Real Estate Webmasters delivered with a customized multi MLS (co-mingled) MLS solution.

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Your agents deserve the best!

When you hire Real Estate Webmasters you are making a statement that says "we care about our agents and our customers and want to provide the best technology and marketing platform possible

As large brokerages recruiting (and more importantly retaining) top agents is the life blood of your business. No brokerage today can recruit effectively without amazing technology. Agents expert it. So why not provide them with the best?

Daniel Gale Homepage
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