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The Funk Collection

Luxury Is In Each Detail

Exemplary service. Unparalleled market awareness. Stellar reputation. The Funk Collection is familiar with the best of the best. Specializing in luxury homes in the Central Florida area, they set out to find a team to put their website on the map—a team that’s just as bold as they are!

The Funk Collection

Relationships Matter

Jeff and Renee Funk are two of the most successful brokers in the entire EXP Franchise. Since joining REW they have closed hundreds of millions of dollars in transactions and their website generates some of the highest traffic numbers in the Orlando market.


Building big dreams together.

Funk Collection

What makes a website—and by extension, what makes a business—successful? At REW, we have the answers. Our expert team is making waves for our invaluable knowledge and experience in the field. We have the expertise to transform your website so that you see quantifiable results.

A Partner, Not Just Another Vendor

Long-lasting partnerships are built on mutual trust and understanding. At REW, that begins with uncovering your unique needs. Each of our projects are constructed from the ground up after listening to your vision and your goals, from sessions that help us understand your goals and your vision.

Funk Collection
Funk Collection

Never A Dull Moment

Jeffrey and Renee sit down with Morgan to share their goals and vision for their project. They answer many questions and provide valuable insights about their business that help the REW team create the perfect fit. These discovery sessions are important—they help to start the project off in-touch with the Funks’ own unique ambitions. This is getting exciting!

Sharing Adventures

Morgan and Carly take Jeffrey and Renee out to experience West Coast lifestyle. With the wind at her back, Renee gets a turn in the captain’s seat. Everyone taking turns as a passenger, they enjoy the beauty of the lake, mountains, and wildlife. Even Milo, their furriest passenger, can’t help but throw his head back to enjoy the open air.

Funk Collection
Funk Collection

Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

“The relationship is a byproduct that we never expected, but has been one of the most amazing things about Real Estate Webmasters,” Jeffrey notes. Real business partners share in your goals and believe wholeheartedly in your success. Building relationships, real relationships with our clients, is at the core of our business at REW.

The Key Ingredient Of Success

“The REW community is instrumental to success,” Jeffrey and Renee relate. Building relationships within this community is a key ingredient towards shared success. Jeffrey and Renee spend time at the Carey Farm with Carly and Morgan sharing nosh, stories, and building memories.

Funk Collection
Funk Collection

Creating Community

At REW, we’re a community of experts—and we bring our community together with yours. That’s why we use MLS search solutions customized to your specific business needs. The Funk Collection appreciates the flexibility of our design, allowing their clients to search by location, property type and size to find exactly what they’re looking for.

One-Click Search: Now at the Speed of Light

Maximize your potential. Real Estate Webmasters makes it easier than ever to connect your clients with their dream home—at 299,792,458 metres per second. Fast load times, specified search criteria, and the comprehensive information your clients want to know… all on one website.

What can REW do for your real estate platform?

Funk Collection
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