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RISMedia has announced the launch of its new website,, which showcases the media firm’s brand redesign from earlier this year, as well as several new features. Visitors will find a sleek, new look, a faster and easier to navigate menu, a robust search function and a platform that’s fully optimized for SEO and mobile responsive design.

RIS Media Homepage

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Old Logo Vs. New Logo

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New RIS Media Logo
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Elevating the Experience

“The overall look and feel of the site is clean, simple and accessible and matches the transition to our newsletters and rebrand,” says Jay Featherston, RISMedia senior vice president of corporate development. “We needed to focus on what we’re good at—generating high-quality content. We brought in experts in SEO and design to help us with those components so that we can be reinvested and refocused on elevating the experience for our clients and readers.”

Elevating the Experience

“We recognized that over the past two years we needed to reinvent the infrastructure that makes RISMedia work,” Featherston explains. “We’re becoming a very different organization. The products and services that we now provide to the industry have changed, and with that, we wanted to demonstrate the vitality of our organization and the value we provide going forward.”

RISMedia Magazine

SEO Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a critical component in reaching new and larger audiences. Implementing SEO best practices will give client-related content the best chance to rank higher organically on search engine result pages, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. The new site has been engineered by the leading SEO experts at Real Estate Webmasters to support RISMedia’s mission to increase organic traffic and search rankings.

RIS Media Post

A Phenomenal New Site

Featherston says visitors will enjoy a “phenomenal new site,” emphasizing the benefits it will present to readers and clients.

“The new offers a state-of-the-art platform that ensures RISMedia will better serve its customers, more efficiently and effectively and in a way they expect, and in a way that will allow us to grow,” Featherston says. “Information is our currency and delivering that effectively is just as important as creating it.”

A Phenomenal New Site

Search Functionality

“Search engine optimization is a core tenet of everything we do,” says Morgan Carey, CEO of Real Estate Webmasters. “We provided full audit services and worked hand-in-hand with RISMedia’s content team to not only protect their most valuable asset, but also ensure that they were set up to grow their organic traffic and SEO results over time.”

RIS Media Best Practices Page

Accessibility Matters

RISMedia’s new site has been designed for anyone to navigate and find the information they are looking for, including users with auditory, cognitive, physical, neurological and visual impairments.

Environmental challenges have also been addressed, including reading outdoors or in bright environments or in situations where audio cannot be played out loud.

Accessibility Matters

Your agents deserve the best!

The firm recast the site implementing SEO best practices to create a modern, clean and accessible layout that’s easily navigable. In addition to lightning-fast speed and a fully responsive mobile layout, RISMedia embraced more video on the revamped site, as well as more subtle and non-intrusive advertisements. Content is clearly labeled and easy to navigate.

Morgan Carey RIS Media Post
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