Stacie Staub

Relationships matter


Breaking ground.

New adventures are exciting, especially in real estate tech. Stacie Staub, up-and-coming indie broker and owner of West + Main Homes, is starting a new year with fresh tech. Along with long-time friend, agent, and renowned real estate blogger, Marguerite Martin, Stacie get a VIP tour of REW HQ, a led by REW's CEO, Morgan Carey. This is Stacie's first trip to Canada, ever!

Busy brokers need quick solutions.

Morgan learns that Stacie's brokerage has been growing at a rapid rate—doubling her agent and office count within the past year. Stacie tells Morgan about when she first became a REW customer: "I needed a site up company grew so much faster than I thought. Your team jumped on it right away and got my new site up in under a week. This meant so much to me—not only was I able to give my agents a online home, but feed them with leads as well."

Making your site your own.

Stacie is a strong believer in out-of-the-box technology, but knows that you have to easily be able to make it your own. She sat down with her REW Customer Success Manager, Alyssa, who walks her through the installation of her new website. Alyssa shows her how REW starts to personalize her site right from the very beginning. She made sure Stacie is introduced early to her design team so they are ready to get West + Main branding colours ready, and let her know she would be following up with as soon as her site was installed.

Sharing insights.

Enjoying the mild island weather, the trio go for a walk and talk about building better brokerages. They covered everything from choosing specializations that fit your market, defining your culture meaningfully, and attracting the right agents. Stacie shares her own philosophy for finding talent—"build the right house, make it comfortable, make sure it smells yummy, and the right agents will soon call your brokerage home. Retention is always the key, and easy-to-use technology is a big part of that."

REW is for great closers.

As an up-and-coming, indie broker, Stacie knows a thing or two about surviving in the real estate ecosystem. "Bring in the business, close the deals. REW brings in the best business for great closers," Stacie tells Morgan and her Enterprise Sales manager, Tim Collins.

From work to play.

Stacie, Marguerite, and REW's General Manager, Vy Luu, join Morgan and his family at The Carey Farm for dinner. After an incredible home-cooked meal, they gather around the kitchen island reminiscing, sharing stories, and joking. A quick, impromptu trip to the nearest Dairy Queen introduces Stacie and Marguerite to some Canadian DQ favourites.

You can't replace face time.

Stacie imparts advice to other brokers: "When you see someone's smile, feel the energy in the room, experience the culture, meet the people working on your tech it's so amazing—an invaluable experience as a client.
You just cannot replace face time.

If you have the chance to come out to REW HQ on Vancouver Island and visit your team at Real Estate Webmasters, do it."

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