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Finding clients that are looking to sell is not always an easy task. They want market reports and every bit of pertinent information regarding their home without committing to an agent. Most of all, they want a hassle free, no pressure experience so that they can make the best choice.

By using our CMA Tool you will be able to give this experience to your prospective clients by empowering them to learn more about their home and the surrounding neighborhood. With the CMA Tool they will be able to understand what the potential price of their home could be, as well as what the highest and lowest prices were paid in the search area. The client can set up a radius search or simply draw a map around the area they want to know more about and the tool will pull the available active listings and present it to the them. 

Not only will this tool allow your clients to learn more about their home hassle free, but it will also allow you to gain more insight on their behavior. When clients register, or fill out the assessment form, you will receive all the information they entered and they will be automatically saved in to your "Seller" group.

This tool offers so much more which you can see here.

Live Demo - Property Valuation Tool

What The CMA Tool Offers:

Up To Date Information From The IDX
Radius & Perimeter Search Options
Automatically Detect Where Your Visitors Are
Advanced Configuration Options
Know Who's Selling

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More about the CMA?

  • Empowers Prospective Clients - Search home features and get estimated values for the average home price directly from the IDX. Clients will also receive information on the highest and lowest prices paid in the search area, which will give them an idea of the market conditions. Not only that, clients will also be able to view comparable properties that are currently on the market and see what they are listed for.

  • Pulls The Most Up-To-Date Information - CMA Tool will pull all relevant information from the agents IDX, giving the most accurate information available. This will also allow for changes in real time.

  • Allows For Multiple Configurations - You will be able to control how the tool works on a per-page basis to test which configuration works best. To make it a little bit easier for clients you can also pre-populate the selected location based on the area they are currently in, and change the default property criteria. You will also be able to customize the call-to-action heading, content, photo, and button - or turn it off altogether, and so much more!

  • Seller's Property Information - Any lead (new or returning) that uses this tool (and fills out a form) will be automatically added to the "Seller" group. Additionally, we send the seller's address (along with the rest of their criteria) to the assigned agent. Furthermore, when a visitor fills out the CMA form, the message sent to the agent includes a link to the seller tool - filled out with the lead's home details.

  • Detect Where Your Visitors Are - When customers use the CMA you will be able to see if they are actually in your market, or if they are in another state/province and just testing our your site.