Vy Luu

General Manager

“The Conductor”

Standing at a whopping 4'11", Vy Luu may be small, but she is mighty. As the General Manager of Real Estate Webmasters, she’s accountable for the whole show..

Vy Luu, General Manager

As Real Estate Webmasters' General Manager, Vy oversees all operations of the business, from human resources to product development. Vy works directly with REW’s group of talented leaders so that each and every team is supported while they execute the business strategies. This includes aligning the business vision with the technical and operational delivery, all while anticipating risks and solving unplanned issues.

While all of this may seem like a tall order, it’s no feat for Vy! She’s an absolute powerhouse who can overcome any and every challenge put her way. She’s known for coming up with creative and innovative solutions for some of the company's most significant affairs. But Vy is not an island. She leads a team of talented people who are a mix of thinkers and doers. The team collaborates to create processes that better the company and the workflow as a whole, making them an essential cog in the Real Estate Webmasters machine.

Vy is such a bright spirit in the office— there’s no one else quite like her. She’s the type of person who can walk into a room and instantly change its energy. And what so many people love about her is her caring heart. She treats each and every person at REW with kindness and respect, while still upholding her high standards for work performance.

If you ever catch Vy on a break, she’s most likely lying around the house with her dog or watching sappy love stories on television. But life after work for Vy is not just about lying on the couch. She spends a lot of her time running along trails or hitting up the gym. If she’s not doing any of that, she’s probably honing her skills in toe nail polish designs or philosophizing about life’s greatest questions. At the end of the day, though, Vy is all about having a good time. She loves spending time with friends and family who make her laugh.


5 Fun Facts About Vy

  1. Built a plant-based home for ladybugs behind her parents’ living room couch at the age of 10
  2. Prefers to skip, jump, run, walk (in that order)
  3. Loves country music, the more twangy, the better
  4. Has not carried a purse for over ten years
  5. Filled her car's gasoline tank $5 at a time in her early twenties

The Road to Real Estate Webmasters

Vy’s road to Real Estate Webmasters is a long and winding one. From a young age, she knew that she wanted to experience as many opportunities as possible, so at 12 years old she set to work. Her first ever job was flyer distribution around the community where she grew up. Then between the ages of 13 and 22, she took positions at countless places around the Toronto area, from stocking shelves at Harvey’s to bagging groceries at IGA to filing at an accounting firm. Vy never missed any opportunity that crossed her path. That’s why the running joke about her was “where haven’t you worked?”

After University, Vy became a technical support rep at AIRMILES where she climbed the latter through several different roles in the company. She moved on to be a business analyst, user acceptance analyst, trainer, manager, and quality assurance lead. After dipping her toes in just about every department the company had to offer, Vy left AIRMILES with all the necessary skills to succeed at Real Estate Webmasters.

The Operations Team

The Operations team at Real Estate Webmasters comprises the REW leaders who work to create processes and procedures to continuously better the company. They are the behind-the-scenes team who keep each and every department aligned with the business values and goals, driving REW to success

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