Tim JP Collins

Senior Account Executive, Real Estate Webmasters

Meet Tim

As a Senior Account Executive at Real Estate Webmasters (REW), Tim JP Collins is a crusader in the world of real estate technology. With a strong background in technical sales and over 20 years of experience in building amazing sales teams, he combines an entrepreneurial drive with a dedication to help our customers achieve their highest success.

Tim's journey started at a real estate event on the beautiful Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. Coming out all the way from Toronto, he fell in love with the gentle climate and amazing people. "Daffodils and people skipping around in shorts in February!" he remembers. Six months later he left the frozen Torontonian tundra behind and joined our team here in Nanaimo.

Tim works tirelessly to promote customer success. Why is Tim so successful at engaging clients? It comes down to his superpower. "One of the gifts passed along from my Mum is my ability to connect with people," Tim shares. This skill set is one of the things helps Real Estate Webmasters continually stand above the rest as industry leaders in real estate web development.

Tim's success goes beyond the walls of Real Estate Webmasters' head office. Before he came to us, Tim's passion for helping people took him down another path. Personal experience and his intuitive empathy guided him towards founding "The Anxiety Podcast" in 2015. Helping so many people from around the world navigate the struggles of living with anxiety, Tim's podcast has been downloaded over a million times and counting.

When Tim is not championing social cause, you will find him diving into everything fitness - from riding his bike, to playing hockey. He also loves to learn about nutrition and healthy cooking, and has been known to sip on some fine whiskeys on occasion.

Tim and his beautiful wife run a busy (and sometimes hectic) home with their three incredible boys. He lives for moments when they can all sit around the fire together with close friends by their side. They are truly enjoying their "Island Life" and Tim couldn't be happier being part of the Real Estate Webmasters team.

When you ask Tim what is so great about Real Estate Webmasters his face lights up: "We have a passion around creating high-end offerings and make our customers feel like part of the Real Estate Webmasters family. Next up, of course, is that we deliver outstanding results!"