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Whether you’re a brokerage trying to recruit agents, or an agent trying to reach quality leads, we know that it’s all about the people. Get connected with our new CRM.

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Morgan Carey

"Our new real estate CRM is the best on the market... and it keeps getting better! Agents, Teams and Brokerages are all loving the new UI and automated features and most importantly they are closing more deals from Realtor® leads!"

Real Estate CRM

Money Back Guarantee

Our new CRM is here and it is better than ever. In fact, we guarantee that it will pay for itself or your money back.* If this program does not pay for itself within the first twelve months of going live, we will not only let you out of your contract, but we will return 100% of your platform AND marketing dollars back to you.

We are that confident in our platform.

*Terms & Conditions Apply

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Get Smart

Our new filters panel allows you to build more exact searches so you can find the leads you need, when you need them. Moreover, this filters panel works with Smart Lists to integrate seamlessly into your workflow.

More Powerful Features

With an unbelievable new Query Engine, we’ve perfected how to sort through your data and manage your Smart Lists. Building queries has never been easier.

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Customizable Workflows

View your data the way you want to see it. With real-time custom layout updates and a state-of-the-art user interface – you have full control over your workflow.

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New Filters & Automations

Fully automate your tasks, so you can always plan ahead. Easy to use automations combined with REW’s powerful Adoption Engine makes for seamless client communication.

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We've made changes to our filters panel to grant you more powerful searches.

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More Info at a Glance

Configurable views allow you to show the lead info you need and nothing else. Save and load your views for your workflows.

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real estate webmasters real estate websites real estate crm. rew
Recently we launched an “Early renewal program” here at Real Estate Webmasters whereby our account management team has the discretion to provide certain credits to our customers for agency work in order to help facilitate their transition to Renaissance and their brand …

rew real estate webmasters promo promotion REW CRM inman
We just got some epic news, the new REW CRM is on schedule to be launched in the third quarter of 2022! (It's just a few months away!)  As always with Real Estate Webmasters, an epic launch means an, even more, epic promo!  Here's are the details: All you need to do …

Improving Transactions in CRM and Tying them to agent accountability

It’s time to talk about transactions! (Specifically logging them in REW CRM)


Because now that we have the Agency Accountability tool, we can now use this data to create full cycle reporting on agents…

From lead...

Morgan, REW CEO
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Creating Groups

Did you know, it takes just a quick minute to create a Group?

Creating groups in your CRM will allow you and your agents to stay organized with your leads!

All you need to do is watch this quick “How To” video and...

crm rew crm
shazmin, REW Staff

Sending an Email Blast!

Email Blasts are a hot topic for us and so they should be!

Here is a quick video that walks you through on how easy it is to send an email blast.
Sending an Email Blast

Select the Lead(s)
Set the Subject
Write your...

crm rew crm
shazmin, REW Staff

Setting up an Agent Profile

Setting up an Agent Profile is super easy and in this quick “How To” video, we walk you through how to set up your agent profile under the Super Admin account.

The Agents can add their Bio, Images, Socials and much more...

crm rew crm agent
shazmin, REW Staff
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New Real Estate CRM Coming Out Of Beta!

Hello everyone, I have some exciting news!

The new real estate CRM is coming out of Beta on Oct 12th!

This upgrade is completely free and available to qualifying Renaissance platform users. (There are some exceptions...

Morgan, REW CEO
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New REW CRM Released In BETA. Real Estate Webmasters CRM Launch!

We have some exciting news! The new REW CRM has been released in Beta today!

What does this mean?

The rollout plan…

As of today, all “net new” installs of #renaissance...

crm rew crm
Morgan, REW CEO
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New enhanced filtering & query engine!

If you’re upgrading to the new REW CRM, one of the things you’re going to love the most is the new filters and query engine.

We have COMPLETELY overhauled this feature to provide far more flexibility, powerful...

crm rew crm
Morgan, REW CEO

Auto assigning action plans based on forms

Did you know you can automatically assign action plans based on the form a prospect fills out?

Why is this awesome?

Well, one, it saves you from having to go ahead...

crm rew crm
Morgan, REW CEO

Let's talk about smartlists - Taking a page out of REW's playbook

As we get ready to begin work on the new custom content for REW CRM, I found myself thinking about our own business @ Real Estate Webmasters

We’re a Salesforce & Pardot sales organization and recently we’ve hired...

crm rew crm
Morgan, REW CEO
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New Fall Real Estate CRM Features!

Hello Renaissance Family! It has been a few months since I have last connected with you all and I am excited to share that there are some exciting new features and updates being released within the renaissance platform....

crm logo lead generation
shazmin, REW Staff
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How to edit the Community CTA

To edit the photo on the community CTA (shown below)


  • Go to the backend of your site [yoursite.com/backend] and click on Content.


  • Once you are on the content section-> click Snippets.

  • Look for #community-cta#

crm rew crm
Prakriti, Implementation Lead
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Early Sneak Peek into what's coming next in April 2021 Release!

Today we are bringing you a light spring reading of our sizzling hot new product features!
Before we get you all excited (just as we are!), a polite heads up that things may change, as is the case with any product...

Aayaam, Leader
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Custom Events & Date Based Campaigns - Huge Upgrade to REW CRM

I have some REALLY exciting news!

The Renaissance / CRM team just informed me of a new upgrade that will be coming out next week and in it is the new data-based campaigns feature.

Why is it awesome?

This new feature...

Morgan, REW CEO

New feature: Conditional registration parameters

Another exciting feature for the upcoming February release is conditional registration parameters.

The idea is this: Often customers will have forced registration turned on, but want to send a link (for example to a...

Morgan, REW CEO
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