Custom Website Design Process

01. Collect Appropriate Information

Ideally, you have already provided your REW point of contact (usually a sales rep) with the following information:

  • A copy of (or link to) your logo.
  • A link to your current website, links to competitors websites, and links to websites that might “inspire” your new website design.
  • Your slogan (if you have one).

This is the ideal time to get in all of the important client input.

02. Formal Introduction

  • You will receive an introductory email that explains whom is assigned to your project and what their duties’ are – project manager, designer, developer, programmer, IDX coordinator, and support.
  • You should also receive your CMS login information here???

03. Website Strategy

  • REW Team members meet, review your project information, and use it to create a strategy for your website (establish an information hierarchy and define any/all call to action[s]).
  • REW produces a rough wireframe -- often the client will be asked to sign off on the wireframe before we will proceed to the next step.

04. Creative / Design Mockup

  • The designer creates a design based upon the strategy and client input.

05. Concept Review

  • Client receives a link to the design concept(s) and reviews the mockups. Client alerts designer to any concerns and/or possible oversights.

06. Design Revision (if needed)

  • Make any/all appropriate revisions to design and send back to client for approval.
  • Designer prepares the design file(s) for the development process...
Note: once approved, any additional design changes will be considered “out of scope” and will most likely skew the original estimate.

07. Website Build / Development

  • REW Support sets up a development site. You should receive an email with information pertaining to this.
  • The developer slices images, builds site in HTML/CSS/etc.

08. Programming & IDX Coordination

  • Programmer configures all module/feature requests -- often the designer/developer will have to assist with this process.
  • IDX coordinator talks to your MLS board - developer and designer revise your website until it is compliant with your MLS board’s terms of service. A little bit of back and forth can be expected depending on your MLS board.
  • You will be notified when your site is compliant.

09. Quality Check / Testing

  • Thoroughly go thru the site and try to break it!

10. Take Site Live

  • Assuming your site has met compliance by now, your REW IDX coordinator will send you a link to site live form. Once submitted, your site will be put into the queue and launched at our earliest convenience.

11. Final Website Review

  • Tie up any loose ends.

12. REW Signs Off

  • Designer, programmer, & developer sign off. You will receive an email notifying you of the sign off date(s).

13. Project Evaluation & Maintenance

  • Take some time to evaluate your project, collect feedback from your users, make notes, and let REW know what we can do to better your users’ experience.
  • Contact the proper REW sales channel and place another work order (if needed).