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The most efficient, fully integrated tool in your arsenal to handle leads

Connect With Leads & Stay Organized!

Contacting lead after lead, phoning and leaving messages, and noting important details from every call, while at the same time dealing with the day-to-day tasks of selling homes can become tedious and time consuming.

We have recognized this issue among real estate professionals and listened when you asked for a solution, and to that we are happy to introduce the REW Dialer. The dialer will place the call for you, leave pre-recorded messages if a machine picks up, and note all the important details of the call so you don't have to. And because it is totally integrated in to your CRM, all the information from the call is noted in the same place. This is the best dialer software on the market for real estate professionals!

What The REW Dialer Gives You:

Single Line & Multi-Line Hosting
Easy To Use Interface
Pre-Recorded Messages For Answering Machines
Complete CRM Integration
Calling Reports

Learn More About The REW Dialer Benefits

What does a dialer do?

  • Automatically calls your leads - Group the leads you want to call and imports them in to the dialer with a simple click of the mouse. The dialer will then call each number, one-by-one, so that you can get in touch with clients quicker. You don't even have to worry about punching in the wrong number. With this tool you will be selling more homes faster!

  • Records notes on all calls- Every call has a result and a lot of additional helpful information associated with it (when you called, what the outcome was, notes etc) - the REW Dialer automatically sends all call notes from your call session directly into our CRM and attaches those notes to the leads you called.

  • Generates reports on team performance - You can track how many numbers have been called, which calls successfully connected, how many messages were left, how many calls were dropped, etc. Close rates and ratios can be tracked among team members to measure success.

  • Places pre-recorded messages - You can load pre-recorded messages in to the dialer so that when you reach a machine it will leave the voicemail for you. This will save you time and make your calls more efficient. No need to repeat the same message over and over.

  • Makes life easier - The REW Dialer software streamlines your efforts to contact clients so you can perform at the optimum level. It will enhance your ability to get in touch with prospects faster and help save you time so that you can close more sales.