Email Accounts with Real Estate Webmasters


Accessing Your Email Account

Your email account can be accessed by using an email client such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird, or through the mail application on a mobile device or tablet. We do not offer webmail access for our email accounts, but you can gain webmail access to your email account by setting this up using Gmail (read the Gmail tutorial).

For help setting up your email, please select the appropriate tutorial below. If you are using another email client not covered in our tutorials, read over one of the existing tutorials as most email clients are similar. The settings you will need to use to configure your email account are shown below.

Email tutorials:

Email Settings:
The following information is valid for both POP3 and IMAP* connections
(change to your site’s domain):
Password*: use password that was provided
*Username and password are case sensitive

Incoming mail server:
Incoming user authentication: Yes
Incoming user port: leave as default. (POP3: 110, IMAP: 143)

Outgoing mail server:
Outgoing user authentication: Yes. Same as incoming.
Outgoing (SMTP) server port: 587

*POP and IMAP are two different protocols that enable you to retrieve the email messages from the server. In most cases, IMAP will be the protocol of choice – if you are not sure what to select, go with IMAP. By selecting IMAP, you will have access to the email account, but the messages will stay on the server. With POP, you are downloading the messages from the server onto your local machine. Depending on how you set these up, you may not even notice any difference between the two, but if you configure POP not to store the messages on the server once retrieved, you will not be able to access all the messages from multiple devices/locations.


If you have lost the password for one of your email accounts, or would like a new password generated, please create a new thread titled "Email Password Reset" and provide the account you need the new password for. Someone will send you your new password shortly. If you would like to pick your own password just say so in your post and someone will PM you to ask for the password. Please remember that all passwords must meet the Password Requirements. You can also send these requests to

We take email security very seriously, so our passwords are generated as "secure" passwords – a combination of both letters and numbers, upper and lower case, to ensure that your email is never compromised. This is important because if a hacker gets into your email, they can spam from it and get your domain address blocked from emailing, which would cripple your ability to do business online.

New Email Accounts

To request a new email address setup for your domain, please visit our email support forum (you must be logged in) and post your request. Our team will set up your email account, generate a secure password and "private message" this password to you through the forums. You can also send these requests to

Password requests and new email account requests do need to come from an authorized contact we have for your site. If you are not the authorized contact please notify the authorized contact for your site and have them send us the request.

Spam Prevention

For some tips on reducing the amount of spam you receive, please read through the following blog post on Spam Prevention:

Most email clients will have built in tools to help you deal with spam, such as the ability to set up spam or junk filtering. Please check their documentation for more information regarding what tools are available for your specific email client.

Email Security

In order to ensure your email account stays secure, you should be using an anti-virus software on your computer, and run regular scans to find and remove any threats. Your operating system and email client should also be updated regularly to patch any potential security holes. Along with having a secure password, you should not share this password with anyone.

If your email account does become compromised, please notify us immediately via email or by phone at 1-877-753-9893. We will reset the password for that account and insist that you scan all computers you use the email account on prior to providing the new password.


If you need further help, email our support department at or give us a call at 1-877-753-9893.