Free House Values

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Get the Seller Leads You Crave!

Free House Values (FHV) is our entry-level seller lead system designed to capture leads who have been having thoughts of selling and are curious about the value of their home.

Your leads are delivered directly into the Real Estate Webmasters platform, via our API, allowing you to follow up using our highly effective lead management system and suite of lead conversion tools.

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How Free House Values Works...

Essentially, FHV is a tool that utilizes various data sources which allows the site to provide instant home evaluations. You will bring value to your visitors instantly with a basic evaluation. You can then see their report and follow up with a more detailed approach and connect to see if they are ready to take the next step of the selling process!

Advanced Advertising Techniques

For a small additional cost, Real Estate Webmasters has the ability and means to drive a significant amount of traffic to the Free House Values CTA using advanced paid advertising techniques. With refined ad copy and highly targeted keywords, this search engine marketing strategy has consistently been able to provide low cost leads with high value potential. If you'd like this service to be included, make sure to notify your product consultant!

Superior Conversion Tools

Using REW's lead management system and suite of innovative lead follow up tools, it's easier than ever to follow up with Free House Values leads and convert them into new clients. From phone dialers and call tracking to email campaigns and reminder notifications, we've got you covered!

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Would you be interested in an exclusive offering (1 website allowed per city) that also includes full service PPC management? If so, take a look at Guaranteed Sale, our premium seller lead CTA.