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It’s why we’re here! Your website is the center of the digital universe. Use this category to discuss improving your real estate website. Post your URL for review, ask questions, share ideas. If you’re working on your website, this is the place to post.

AI - Artificial Intelligence

In 2023 AI or Artificial Intelligence has become an extremely hot topic for marketers.
Use this forum to discuss the best uses of AI applications including ChatGPT, LensaAI and other artificial intelligence applications as they relate to real estate marketing

Lead Generation

Do you need more leads for your real estate business? Discuss lead generation techniques and tactics and learn from experienced real estate agents and top marketers.


Want to learn how make the most of your real estate CRM This category teaches best practices, tips and tricks on how to reach more potential customers and close more deals. Are you using the customer relationship manager (REW CRM) to it’s full potential? Find out here!


This section is for users of the brand new Renaissance website and framework. If you are new to REW or to Renaissance this is the best place to get help. Please post any questions you have here and we’ll be happy to help.

Social Media

Discuss popular social media platforms and how to use them for your real estate business.


Discuss all things related to real estate marketing. How do you market a listing? How do you market yourself as a Realtor? Get creative, think outside the box, learn for seasoned marketers.

REW Chat

Not sure where to post on the forums? Start here! Introduce yourself. Tell us your name, your market, whether you’re an agent, team or broker. Feel free to share your website URL but please no self promotion.


Who are the best coaches in real estate? What are the different kinds of coaching programs and what agents do they work for? Share your experiences here.


Here is where you can find out all about the latest releases to the Renaissance CRM.