#1 Lead Generation Source For Sellers

Looking for new sellers, what is your #1 technique for generating leads for Sellers?

SOI? Social? PPC? PostCards?

What tops your list?

SOI tops our list :100:- Our SOI relations are nurtured by Social, Postcards (to SOI), Customer Appreciation Events, Bomb Bomb Videos, & Phone Calls.

Postcard farming can be effective, however we have found, agents must commit to postcard farming for at least a year+ before there is any ROI.

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Other than SOI, in my market it’s direct mail, which is expensive but combined with calls to action to visit our website and/or home valuation site, we’ve gotten decent results.

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how do you track the direct mail @brianpearl?

We use a dedicated phone number for each mailing so that we know which farm area we are getting calls from.