5 Cool NEW things in REW CRM (customer relationship management)

Since so many folks are now being upgraded to the latest REW CRM (beta) I thought I’d make a post of my favorite things that are “new” in the CRM when you upgrade to beta.

#1: Automatic Action Plans: Did you know (as an admin) that you could automatically assign action plans based on the form the user filled out?

Why is this awesome? Well if you also have texting enabled, you can fully automate the systems email and text follow-ups to make sure that even when you’re not on the ball and replying right away (speed to lead) the system is!

The cooler part is that you can have specific action plans (with different texts and emails) based on which form they filled out. So if they are IDX registration, maybe it’s an action plan meant to solicit a reply before you move them to a more sophisticated follow-up, or if it’s a seller form, all your content and actions can be seller-focused.

#2: Automatic groups based on forms: I bet you never noticed this one either! Now when any form is filled out, it automatically adds the new lead to a “group” which is a global group (can’t be edited or deleted) named after that form.

Why is this cool? Well think about campaigns… in order to put someone in a campaign, you put them in a group! So now you can automatically assign all leads to targetted campaigns based on where they came in.

Maybe you write a high intent campaign for those who do property inquiry or nurture for those that do IDX registration. Up to you! At the very least, you could have a holiday campaign and have every single person in your database automatically subscribed so you can set it and forget it and be top of mind in their email box.

#3: The new query engine. This is WAY more powerful than it used to be. Now you can build out even more complex smart lists and save your favorite workflows. There is a LOT to play with in here!

Pro tip! You can stack multiple filters of the same type so you can have “is” and “is not” in the same query (for example)

#4: Unreplied Emails / Unreplied texts: (Gmail and texting module) if you have Gmail integrated and/or the texting module you can now create filters based on unreplied emails and unreplied texts. This is an evolving feature, so if you do reply outside of the CRM, you will have to come back and log that you replied, but if you reply from the system (which you should be doing) we’ll track it for you! Huge value!

#5: New custom view builder! This is my favorite feature! By default to get you started, you’ll see the classic mobile view (if you ever want to use the CRM on your phone tall ways < don’t do this, flip it landscape) anyways, you’ll also see the new “Power Mode” - just click it. It’s badass!

It’s a totally new UI (user interface) and it’s so good!

What makes it even better?

Build all your own custom views (from scratch) and you can see it update in real-time.

You can even drag and drop your modules once you select them. It’s SICK!!!

There you have it! My top 5 features in the new REW CRM. Hope you love using it as much as I do.

Questions about these features, feel free to pop them in the chat below