7 SEO Quick Wins During Covid-19

Today, SEJ (Search Engine Journal) posted a great article around some quick wins companies can do during our current pandemic.

One of the most powerful quotes in this article:

Investments made now can start sprouting ROI after the world has begun looking like the pre-COVID world we all know. Let’s call it the post-COVID world.

By harnessing time that was freed up because of the current situation, many companies have already started to create awesome content. Both offline and online.

They’ve already started preparing for the post-COVID world. Smart move.

I wanted to share their “Content Your Audience Needs Right Now”, putting them into context with the real estate market.

The biggest area for quick wins his improving existing content that your leads are searching for now, that is performing reasonably well already.

(This is also a continuation of the conversation that @Jeff initiated earlier today).

1 - Keyword Research

Grab your top-performing content pieces and look up what queries they’re already ranking for.

Once you have identified them, categorize them into three buckets:

  1. Queries with Page 1 rankings
  2. Queries with Page 2 rankings
  3. Queries with below Page 2

Tool Options:

If you currently have a Google Ads account, the Keyword Tool can also be helpful.

Google Search Console is always the first place you want to look. It has the most personalized data, in real-time, giving you a clear picture of what IS working for you

However, I have found tools like Google Trends and Answer the Public to be really helpful to give me keywords to strive for.

I was delighted to find a new-to-me tool, Also Asked (currently in its Alpha Testing Stage), which I will be exploring in great depth in the days to come!

In real estate, your content that is most likely to already be performing well in this context is your Community Pages and blog posts.

2 - Improve Your Existing Content

  1. Page One Rankings - tweak, aiming to win the coveted Featured Snippet
    In real estate, this can be quite easy to obtain if you are already ranking well, depending on your market and competition.

Below is an example of a featured snippet on Google (we know what Calgarians are doing this weekend!)

  1. Page Two Rankings - put your time in here. Add new sections to existing content, or create a separate page for it

  2. Below Page 2 - See the next item.

3 - Consolidate Existing Content

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Now take your Below Page 2 queries, and look for similar content.

You might be able to consolidate these pages to give “them a fighting chance”.

Quite often on real estate websites, we find that many of these are found again on smaller Community Pages, Services, or even your about pages.

Example: Bring your sub-community/Neighbourhood Pages up a level and consolidate them into your Community Pages (that aren’t scoring in categories 1 or 2).

4 - Write New Short-Form Content for Long-Tail Queries

This is where you advance a little in your SEO knowledge.

Short-form content: 1200 words or less (for a great explanation, read Shane Barker’s fantastic description).

Long-tail queries: 3-4 keyword phrase that is very specific to what you are selling (Ahrefs explains this in greater detail in their blog).

You can input your keywords into the tools like Answer the Public to see what a long-tail questions around your keyword look like.

5 - Implement FAQ Page Schema Markup

Ok, this is where you can grab some great wins, if you have the technical aptitude to take this on.

Our SEO Team has seen some fantastic results with this step with our current SEO clients.

This does involve some coding, but there is a tool that will help you generate it.

What is Schema Markup? Essentially, it is a way of telling the search engine what the key points are on your page so it knows how you are helping your readers. This works wonderfully for local SEO!

6 - Create Tools for Your Target Audience
More code, and this is currently untested, but could work very well in some markets.

Proceeding with this step is still to new for us to measure results, but data outside of our industry is looking promising!

For those on SEO Retainers, speak to your SEO Specialist about this step.

7 - Create New Content That’s Highly Relevant Right Now

If steps 1-6 scare you, put your eggs in this basket.

Creating new content that’s highly relevant means it will be picked up and drive traffic to your site immediately.

For you, areas you can see some quick wins:

  • Resource Pages (updating current providers, their online services, hours of operation, social distancing measures, etc.)
  • Statistics (take those market reports and make them more meaningful to your audience in today’s economy. This is where your expertise can shine!)
  • Glossaries (this kind of content tends to share well on social media, think of terms that your potential customers would be unsure of right now)
  • Ebooks (easy to create, a great lead-capturing source, and can talk about new builds going up, even a how-to guide to selling your home during a pandemic!)