A new lead enters the CRM (Funnel) - Then What?

I am brand new to this and I feel like there are 800 things to do. I have set up an initial email response to new leads but that is as far as I can get. What is the next thing to set up and in what order?

Do I compose a month worth of emails and then load them all into an action plan?

This seems overwhelming and i know we are not even utilizing this great tool but I don’t know where to start.

If a step-by-step FAQ is out there please post a link as I haven’t found one.

Excited to be a part of the REW community

James Walker

Hey James, great to see you on here!

There are definitely a million things to do (potentially) when it comes to lead follow up, but the good news is, you can make incremental improvements quite easily to cover the most important things.

Let’s talk action plans:

Speed to lead is ALL that matters. (That’s it)

So really your action plan should be no more than 1-2 weeks and can be as aggressive or as light as you can reasonably (consistently) follow up on.

For instance:

Day 1:
Send a text: This can be (and should be) automated if you have the texting module. It can be as simple as

Day 1: (later that day)
Immediately (Send intro email < this can be automated as well)

Hey {first_name}

I sent you a text earlier, but I wanted to make sure you had all of my contact details.

Also, since communication is critical from your Realtor® can you let me know how you prefer to be communicated with? Email, Text, Phone call?

Also, I did not receive your timeframe. Are you looking for something right away, or is your timeline flexible?

^^^^^^ Make sure you ask questions.

Day 2: Send a text

Day 3 Follow-up email

Day 4 Send a text

Day 6 Follow-up email

Day 7 Final text and email - send them to a campaign if irresponsible.

Really that is about it. Thought you could add a week 2 series or even a week 3.

Where are you getting hung up? On the technology part? Or on the actually writing the things part?

@Kyle and the team are happy to walk you through the tech part.

Pro-tip (if you use Gmail) make sure you have the Gmail integration enabled.

Question for REW Team: Product update @Rebecca when does the new automation rollout? (Pausing action plans once replied to?) If already rolled out, is there a walkthrough?

It is more of the tech part that I am getting stuck on, how to build the Action plan from the ground up.

It also sounds like I should upgrade to add the text module too.

Thank you for being so responsive, it has been very refreshing.

Great question! We’re planning on rolling out the automation task in the next scheduled release later this month. Nearer the time we’ll have a video walkthrough available for Clients.