Ability to make quick comments on saved listings

I haven’t researched this to see if it has been discussed, but I would find it really helpful to be able to quickly comment on properties my clients save as favorites. I hate texting them, because my clients are swamped with texts all day long. If there were a comment field that would email my comments for each saved listing, I’d love that. And if it automatically inserted or forwarded the listing address, even better. Just a thought and a way to engage better with my clients.

So you want to email them instead of text? And you want to include the details of the property in that email?

Have you tried using the recommend listing function of the CRM? It might be the workaround for this you’re looking for.

One cool thing would be to keep a copy in the recommended dashboard of the notes you sent them

@Aayaam we should capture this for a future consideration

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Great suggestion! I have made a note of it for our next R&D Roadmap discussion. Thanks!

The Recommend Listing works fine if you know the address or MLS #. Personally, I have to have my MLS open for reference in order to use this function. It’s great, but I always want to interact more with my buyers. My suggestion was to add a comment button to each saved listing like the Message feature at the top of the page. The subject line would auto fill the address of the property and I could give my feedback to my buyers about each property they like. Does that make sense. It’s early still.