About the Covid And Real Estate category

COVID-19 Caused By the Corona Virus has had a major impact on the real estate industry. Discuss how your real estate business can survive through the quarantine period and recover during the recession to follow.

At these forums we will discuss:

  • Communication Strategy During COVID-19

  • How and when to market to prospects while respecting the current crisis

  • Business strategy around survival and recovery for Realtors

  • What technology should you be using, and when/what projects should you be working on right now.

I am interested in hearing what agents are saying when calling leads? I found in the first few weeks I was having longer conversations, that felt deeper. Now that we are somewhat settling into the new normal, the leads I’m talking to want to know if it’s safe to buy, what’s the protocol etc.

For those of you who use scripts or even just have your own thing down packed, how are you communicating with online leads right now?

HI, @Carly I also same question as you. Because sometimes we find a real estates agent and look to buy the house from him. So there are some protocol from to client to understand the policy of the buying the house.