Action plan notification and date changes

Hi Team,

Is there a way to have the action plans notify you of a task rather than needing to check the calendar everyday? We use this for after sale touches and it would be great to have a reminder or option to click reminder needed on the task in the action plan.

Also is there a way to change the start date for the action plan? for example, an after sale plan and it was not selection on the closing date but a couple of days later.

This would be very helpful to mainstream the process and not need multiple calendars for set up.

I think you can get notified on “reminders” which are set individually, but not action plans. The reason for that is action plans area “set” of things you must do with every lead assigned, as such, you would get kajillion notifications if you had action plans pinging you for everything.

Do you know about the fly-out / what’s next bar? If you stay on top of your action plans, then that bar actually shows you what you need to do next.

As for changing the “date” of an action plan, unfortunately, since it’s sequence-based you only add someone, remove them and then re-add them (start it over again) - good suggestion though.

Thanks Morgan.

Rather than using Action plans what would you suggest? These are scheduled calls we would like to make after the sale has completed, we have been manually entering them however if there is a more efficient way that would be great. The Actions bar at the top would not work for this as it can get buried in there.

what about just using the reminders function? I think that emails you doesn’t it? (@Aayaam can you confirm that?)

Yes adding an event emails it to you. You just need to add the events individually.

I think “for now” - that would be the only option. Action plans notifying you on every task would probably be WAY too many notifications, so I’m not sure we would look at that since there is already the task bar for that.

We are looking at improving the notifications and taskbar section though - it’s on the docket for the fall update. Here is an early mockup (might change in final version), the idea is to group the tasks into more digestible elements