Action Plan Time Line

Most of us know that speed to lead is crucial and I ask my team members to call a lead within the first 5 to15 mins. However, we cannot set the first task on the action plan to commence earlier than 24 hours AFTER the plan is applied. Can this be adjusted? Thank you. Stuart Neal

Can’t you set “day 0”? (which his “right away”) that’s what I do in mine.

We do. The prompt to do the work does not come until the day after.

Interesting. @REW.Michael can you look into this? 0 should be “right away” (or whatever time they set for that day).

Morgan, ours is the same. Setting to 0 starts the next day.

Thanks for the feedback - @REW.Michael @Aayaam we need a “right away” setting (action plans, campaigns, reminders anywhere that it would make sense since we’re in there working on it :slight_smile:


I can confirm this is part of our upcoming release now. Thank you everyone!

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