Add a drag/drop indicator for Smart Lists please

I’m training our agents on Smart Lists and it would be nice to see visual drag and drop indicators that you can re-order them. I added a mock up below. I only discovered you could move them by accident after reading the support documentation. I was about to recreate my smart lists to get them in my preferred order. Thanks for considering!

Hi @Victor_Lozada great suggestion! Thank you for your feedback, I’ll bring this back to the Product Development team.

What does everyone else think of Victor’s suggestion? Let me know in the comments :slight_smile: :point_down: :point_down: :point_down: :point_down:

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2 thoughts

#1: - @AmyPye, @MariaG @Kyle we need to do a better job training folks on the cool features we have (should not be discovered by accident)

#2: - it’s a great idea, in fact, I’d say it was a bit of a miss. We already have drag-and-drop indicators elsewhere so we should be able to re-use those visuals / that patter.

Example from nav:

Thanks, Victor, no debate is required here. It’s a great idea :slight_smile:

We do have a bunch of things already in the hopper, so it might be a few releases, but I’m approving this request to go into the backlog for a future release.

Cheers! (And thanks for using the forums for feedback/suggestions. really helps improve visibility and serves to stimulate conversation/ideas with other customers as well.


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Good to hear it’s on the roadmap! I’ll have some more suggestions soon. I’ve been training our agents now that we moved to Renaissance. I’ve been going through the REW documentation and condensing it for our agents to what they need to know the most. They’re not remotely technical, so I get to see friction points at the agent level. Even though we’ve been with REW for many years, even I’m learning new things as I do this!

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Would love to hear your suggestions when you have them ready @Victor_Lozada! Also, I’d be curious to see what your condensed version of the docs looks like. Perhaps we should be providing a more condensed version as well (Cole’s Notes version, if you will … which my American husband tells me is a Canadian thing…).