Adding Custom Fields to Company Calendar

Hello everyone!

I was wondering if anyone has integrated custom fields such as: Spouse’s Birthday, Kids Names, and Purchase Anniversaries to REW’s calendar. Also have you been able to make it viewable to everyone within your company?

Would love to hear other’s thoughts on this!

I have not seen anyone do that yet. I think a lot of people typically use Google Calendar as opposed to REW calendar. What calendar solution do you typically use?

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ps - welcome to the forums!

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That makes sense! I was just trying to find ways to automate REW through Zapier. We use Google Calendar.

Thank you, the forums are very insightful for building out our systems in REW

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There is a new Zapier 2.0 connection coming out with the new CRM, but it is focused on the transfer of contact records (create / update) not the calendar. I think the roadmap item you might be looking for (which is not on current docket but in backlog) is increased SSO between Gsuite and REW. Currently we support bidirectional email for Gmail, but contacts and calendar sync are not in the current suite.

It is definitely something we’d love to get to in terms of more Google SSO for sure.

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That is great to hear, I cannot wait to utilize that in the future. With the seamless SSO integration between G-suite & REW I believe that tracking client info will be even more productive to agents!