Agent Page Creation

I am trying to add pages for each of the agents. Is there a way to copy and paste? All of the pages should be the same just specific to their name and contact info. It seems like I shouldn’t have to make all the same pages and snippets for 20 different agents.

I don’t believe you can copy because the snippets are unique to each agent. What I did was make a “test agent” page and use that as a reference. I copy/paste the snippet and then correct it to the individual agent info. Hope that helps!

The answer to this is “not yet”

Currently you have to create each sub domain manually, but we do have this as a feature on the product roadmap. In essence (since to your point pretty much all sub domains are the same for the basics) we’re going to code the ability to set up default content for sub domains so that when you’re creating new ones you can check a box that says “pre-populate default content” (or something like that)

It’s status says it’s high, but it’s expected delivery is TBD, so that means it’s not in the next few sprints. So likely a Q4 feature.

I know you’re working on this “right now” so this doesn’t help you (right now they do need to be created one at a time) but in the future this will be a feature available for you to create new subs.

Thank you for your question and feedback