Agents Create Their Own Action Plans

Why can’t agents create their own action plans? I know our agents would love to create their own action plans. I can see why a team lead or broker would want control over the lead part of the process, but agents are people and like to do things their own way. Some want more reminders and notifications and some want less. Some have their own CRM and will prefer to use it over REW if they can’t make things work the way they want. I know some brokers say “if you want leads you have to do it our way” but that’s not our style. Once a lead becomes a client, they have different ways of working, different services they provide and different reminders they’d like to get. Past clients differ even more. Any chance you want to make that an option under agent permissions?

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So you’re saying there’s a chance?

Originally (And still) Action plans are a “prescription” placed on agents by either a team leader, or a broker, but I do think you make a good point, they should be able to create their own. @REW.Michael and @Aayaam can we add this to the discussion list, please?

Also (I may have mentioned this) we also need a took tip (current action plans) to show the actual description of the action plan so the agent knows what the broker or team leaders expectation is.


Absolutely, that makes total sense! @Morgan - this item is captured for our roadmap discussions.


Totally agree on this. We have been asking for a while. Thank you @Morgan

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A couple of our Agents have been asking as well. Would be great to be able to have a permission setting for this! :slight_smile:

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Just bumping this one back up on your radar… our agents would love to be able to edit the action plans we make as a brokerage and to create their own action plans.

I had only been considering action plans from a lead follow-up point of view, but they could be great for deal management as well… we could set up all their reminders and email templates as their clients move through the buy/sell process as action plans, but again, the agents need to be able to personalize them.

@Aayaam where did we land with this? Is it on the roadmap?

Hi Sara and Morgan, I can confirm this is on our roadmap and is already in feature discovery phase! It may be little too early to share the exact Time to Launch on this one however this is one of the high priority feature requests which is next on our list. :slight_smile:

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Just wanted to share an update in this thread, this feature was included in the first release of 2022 - Agents are now able to create their own Action Plans within the REW CRM!

More details of have been shared here: New Year, New Features!